Math Olympics at Cherry

  • Cherry Avenue Holds Math Olympics


    “Speed Skating,” “Biathalon,” “Curling,” and “Luge” were among the events that challenged Cherry Avenue elementary students during a Math Olympics.


    What does math have to do with the Olympics?


    Everything, according to Math Advisor Debra Abrams, who was inspired to integrate Olympic themes with math problems and have the students discover the association in their physical education classes.


    During their gym classes, group of students rotated through five stations of specific physical activities and collected the data, i.e. time, distance, number of successes, on Olympic-ringed data sheets made especially for the occasion. For more challenges, “estimation stations,’ were set up in the hall outside the gym. Students had to guess how many items filled the plastic containers. After examining the collections of cookies, mini marshmallows, cotton balls, kisses, and kicking sacks, the students wrote their “gestimates” and put them a box.


    Back in their classrooms, the students calculated the activity data on the “Where is the Math” worksheet and submitted their results to the “Olympic Committee” for review.


    While each grade-level had winners, everyone had so much fun that the Cherry Avenue community may continue the tradition again next year. Since the estimation jars were such a hit, Mrs. Abrams has been asked to keep this guessing game going year round at the front desk. (see list of winners below.)


    Debra Abrams expressed her appreciation for the cooperation of Physical Education teacher Jen Fee and also acknowledged the assistance of both the Site-based Team for helping fund the project and the PTA for providing volunteers and materials to work with the games.  


    All winning students received the jar filled with goodies. The cotton balls also had a gift card for Dunkin Donuts as a surprise!

    The winners of the estimation jars were:

    Cookies ~ Paige Hall, 3rd grade (with exact estimate of 89)

    Kicking sacks ~ Michael Dionisio, 5th grade (with exact amount of 77)

    Cotton balls ~ Danielle DelGiorno, 4th grade (with exact amount of 96)

    Marshmallows ~ Caitlin Reilly, 2nd grade (guess of 544, actual 546)

    Chocolate kisses ~ Andrew McCarthy (with exact amount of 255)