National Junior Honor Society Induction

  • During the traditional “electric candlelight” ceremony, 59 Seventh-graders and an additional eight Eighth-graders were inducted into the National Junior Honor Society. These students were so honored for their exemplary qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship. Each has maintained an average of 95 or above for four quarters and each inductee had to submit a letter of application for membership. As they join the fifty-two current Eighth-grade members of the NJHS, they also share in the promise to continue earning this membership by upholding their commitment to the exemplary qualities of character and conduct.


    Congratulations to the following Middle School Students who were inducted into the 2010 National Junior Honor Society.

    7th Grade Honor Society List



    Molly Andrews

    Paul Bevilacqua

    Shannon Bohman

    Marielle Borzello

    Autumn Bradley

    Lucas Brennan

    Morgan Cannini

    Destiney Carter

    Lauren Colavito

    Michaela Conlon

    Nicholas Cowan

    Brianna D’Amico

    Mariana Dominguez

    Thomas Esposito-Kelley

    Emily Faughnan

    Gianna Fazio

    Dalen Ferreira

    William Fridrich

    Connor Gaffney

    Christopher Gale

    Stephen Geiger

    Zoe Gomes

    Owen Guinessey

    Erin Gunther

    Liam Haber

    Erin Herbst

    Julianne Johnston

    Demitrios Kalomiris

    Ryan Kelly

    Sarah Koehler

    Adam Laterza

    Tara Litvin

    Erin MacDevitt

    Philip Maehr

    Isabella Mangan

    Nicholas Medile

    Allison Murphy

    Student Name

    Daniel Murphy

    Kevin Murphy

    Chelsey Nadler

    Kaleigh O’Halloran

    Jessica O’Shaughnessy

    Shreeya Panigrahi

    Emma Philbin

    Emma Prokesch

    Eric Rahn

    Ryan Rattazzi

    Bridget Read

    Thomas Reilly

    Tara Rini

    Rebecca Seeba

    Alex Sneddon

    Kyle Steck

    Brian Walsh

    Kyle Wilson

    Zachary Yale

    Jordan Zanetti

    Zachary Zinkiewicz


    8th  Grade Honor Society List


    Michelle Anderson

    Michael Coan

    Kara Finnen

    Caroline Greco

    Liam Hofmeister

    Pamela-Sue Smith

    Brianna Ward

National Junior Honor society 2010 inductees.jpg