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    The character-driven comedy-drama, Steel Magnolias examines six Louisianan women at the crossroads of their lives. In 1987, Steel Magnolias was an off-Broadway production written by Robert Harling, then in 1989, it became a major motion picture with celebrities Sally Field, Dolly Parton, Shirley MacLaine, Daryl Hannah, Olympia Dukakis, and Julia Roberts filling the roles.


    In 2010, it was the Sayville Players January Backstage Theatre-in-the-Round production presented by three different, but equally amazing casts. Each night, a new chemistry or dynamic portrayed the poignant interactions of these women whose lives are on the verge of change .In the minimalist yet intimate Backstage Theatre, the heartwarming characters showcased the skills of the seventeen actresses who comprised the parts. Each night, their performances were a quirky mix of dry humor and deep sentiment, that not only held the audiences’ attention, but captured their hearts as well.


    Bravo to the actresses who blossomed in Steel Magnolias (see list) and also congratulations to the three actresses who portrayed Mother and Daughters in the prelude every night.


    And a special thanks goes to Mr. Steve Hailey (and all who helped in this production) for constantly giving our drama students the opportunity to flower in such a diverse theatre arts program.


    Steel Magnolias

    Truvy Jones (Nicolle Ferremi, Melanie Andersen, Kiera Muscara)

    Annelle Dupuy-DeSoto (Cassie D’Agostino, Cathy Rico)

    Clairee Belcher (Anna Corso, Lexi Minogue, Georgia Grant)

    Shelby Eatonten-Latcherie (Quiara Tomasetti, Maary Corrado, Briana Gomez)

    M’Lynn Eatonten (Caroline Pace, Andrea DeVenuto, Colleen Tyler)

    Quiser Boudreaux (Kim Miller, Alivia Wesley, Kailey Schnurman)


    Mothers and Daughters (Rachel Crennan, Heather Merkle, Hanine Loesch)


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Mother and daughters