Shining Stars celebrated at Middle School


    As adults that fill many different roles in the school community, we strive to provide our students with a safe nurturing environment that will allow them to grow and become productive citizens. 


    Society often fails to recognize the every day heroes, and we glorify the great athlete or someone who performs a great feat.  All those things are great accomplishments and worthy of recognition.  A student sitting here today may be a great athlete, future Broadway star, famous scientist, or accomplish some other great feat in their lifetime, but that doesn’t define your character.


    Webster’s dictionary defines a HERO as, “a person admired for their achievements or noble qualities, one who shows great courage.”


    Today we would like to recognize you for being our everyday heroes.  Your quiet acts of kindness, compassion, and community service make you a hero.  Your diligence, perseverance, and commitment make you a hero.  Your character qualities make this world a better place.


    The staff at Sayville Middle School would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the noble character , qualities, and courage you show on a daily basis.  You make our school and community a better place to work, learn, and live.


    Thank you for being our everyday heroes!


    Paul Bevilacqua-Paul is a very hardworking student who is always very respectful and polite.


    Shannon Bohman-Shannon is a true pleasure to have in class.  She is extremely dedicated and always puts in 110% effort.  She is very kind and always contributes to class discussions.



    Erin Gunther-Erin is a very dedicated student.  She contributes in class in a variety of different ways.  She volunteers often in class and is a leader during class discussions and group work.  She is a true pleasure to have in class.


    Erin Herbst-Erin is a brilliant young lady who has a gift for remembering historical facts.  She is a very hardworking and dedicated student.  She always contributes in the classroom and is a major reason why the History League is having a successful year.


    Kelly Mullagh-Kelly is an extremely hard worker.  She is a dedicated student who always puts in 110% effort.  She is a true pleasure to have in class.


    Justine Odierna-Justine is a hardworking student who is always very respectful and polite.  She contributes in class in a variety of different ways.


    Shreeya Panigrahi-Shreeya is a very dedicated student.  Her work ethic is amazing.  Shreeya always volunteers in class and is a leader when working in a group setting.  She is involved in many different clubs and activities.


    Allison Petillo-Allison is a very hardworking student.  She is always very respectful and polite.


    Kayla Stockert-Kayla is a pleasure to have in class.  She puts a tremendous amount of effort into her work.  Kayla is a member of the knit and crochet club and volunteers a lot of time helping others.



    Dalen Ferreira-Dalen is a pleasure to have in class.  He always puts in the maximum effort in all of his work.  He is very polite and always respectful  Dalen is never too busy to help others from patiently explaining subject area concepts to being able to help others make knit or crochet stitch corrections—all  without criticism, but rather encouragement.  His talents are diversified and his patience is an appreciated virtue! Dalen has made it so very easy for others to succeed because they know that he always available to lend a helping hand-- without ever having to be asked!


    Sierra Graygor:  Nothing more was needed than a hint in the air that the Knit Crochet Club needed assistants to help others learn these wonderful life hobbies! With hooks in hand, Sierra immediately volunteered and became an integral contributor making The Crafted With Lunch Club exceed its expectations with membership and donations. Working so many additional hours at home, in her quiet and unassuming way, Sierra feels the benefits of her efforts are felt from within which is the greatest reward of all. 


    Lara Hirsch: Words that describe Lara are:  generous, caring, humble and friendly.  Lara has made so many contributions from items needed for fundraisers to genuine  smiles of encouragement for others to emulate to make positive differences in the lives of all at Sayville Middle School. Lara makes others feel happy and resilient with her quiet, but powerful energy that emits a constant shine showing her natural commitment to being the best person she can be.



    Rachel Zarret:  Enriching others’ lives comes easily to Rachel because of her innate thoughtful and kindhearted nature.  Her many acts of kindness are felt every single day because they are just part of who she is. Rachel’s consideration toward others  is contagious in such subtle ways, but they boldly impacting  enthusiasm for others to extend themselves as well