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Lincoln Ave Wax Museum

  • History Takes on New Life

    With Lincoln Avenue's Annual Wax Museum


    Preparing for the annual Lincoln Avenue Wax Museum made the Third-graders’ unit of study on biographies more fun and inspiring. First, the students gathered information from library books and authoritative internet resources. After, each student chose one prominent figure and thoroughly researched that individual to become the class authority.


    Once the students compiled their information, they wrote biographies that would go on display during the day of the Wax Museum presentation. In addition, the students had to select five to seven facts that were most significant about their dignitaries and use them as “talking points” for a speech.


    On the day of the Wax Museum presentation, each student dressed up in character and sat patiently at their desks awaiting visitors to the Museum. Among the prominent historial figures, there were Queen Elizabeths I & II, Abraham LIncoln, Picasso, Helen Keller, Jane Goodall, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Georgia O'Keefe, Henry Ford, Christopher Columbus, George Washington,  Maurice Sendak, and Neil Armstrong, to name a few.


    “When someone hit the activate button on their desk,” said Third-grade teacher Laura Moyer, “their heads came up and their speeches began. It was great! Most of the children memorized their speeches. They were very excited to present and did an outstanding job! Their parents really enjoyed it as well.”


    The students certainly gained lasting impressions of many historical figures by portraying them in “wax.”

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