Breakfast of Champions Spring

  • For the Spring 2010 Breakfast of Champions, Sayville High School students were honored. Some had demonstrate good citizenship beyond the classroom or athletic field. Others achieved a personal best by striving to overcome major obstacles, or showed an innate compassion to help. Their positive attributes of conduct or character, as observed by the Sayville High School teachers and staff who nominated them, have made a difference and provided the essential components that contribute to a successful High School Community.


    During the morning ceremony, High School Dean Brian Becker thanked the art and technology departments for their help in creating the awards, Mr. Ari Kramer and the Sayville Chamber Players (Members: Violin--Rachael Ali, Douglas Kenny, Giovanna Ruggierro, Kasey Tucker: Viola--Jaclyn Kollegger; Cello--Kyle Tieman-Strauss) who provided soothing background music, as well as the administrators, faculty, and staff who nominated the “Champions.”

    Each student was called upon to receive individual recognition with a Breakfast of Champions certificate and a plaque created with a personal portrait on a Wheaties Box background. 


    Breakfast of Champions has become a wonderful tradition for select students and their parents to enjoy both a morning meal, provided by 21 Main, Sayville, and a feel-good way to start their day.


    Congratulations to:

    Congratulations to:

    Rachael Ali

    Anna Ambrose

    Michael Andres

    Holly Citeno

    Tyler Clair

    Jennifer Clinton

    Melanie Drinkwater

    Daniel Dufrenoy

    Jenna Ferremi

    Tara Imbrenda

    Casey Jarvis

    Jaclyn Kollegger

    Karley Malenczak

    Jessica McGuigan

    Thomas Monahan

    Denise Natoli

    Nicole Quintero

    Meaghan Reilly

    Thomas Rende

    Alexandra Sellitti

    Jean-Marie Tagliaferri

    Raymond Waters

    Megan Whitehurst

    Breakfast of Champions

    Rachael Ali Nominated by Mr. Kramer
    A truly devoted musician and citizen, Rachael has participated in
    all select music ensembles throughout her high school career and
    has excelled in all of them. Her work ethic and dedication landed
    Rachael as the String Ensemble’s Concert Master this past year, an
    honor that is not easy to come by. She will be dearly missed.

    Anna Ambrose Nominated by Mr. Hammer
    Anna isn’t waiting until she gets older to make a difference in the
    world, she already has. Her tireless volunteering efforts to help
    those less fortunate are to be commended. Best of all, she brings
    this caring attitude everyday to my class.

    Michael AndresNominated by Mr. Shaw
    Mike is one of the quiet heroes of the Class of 2010. His diligence,
    his willingness to challenge himself and his full participation in all
    that our program has to offer students is a model for all Sayville
    students to follow. It has been my pleasure to work with Mike this
    year, and I wish him great success.

    Holly CitenoNominated by Mr. Gittler
    Holly is the kindest, most friendly person you could hope to meet.
    She brightens my classroom everyday with a positive energy that
    is infectious. We are all truly lucky to have her in class. Thanks,

    Tyler ClairNominated by Ms. Bricker
    As vice president of the Interact Club this year, Tyler has consistently
    participated in all of our local and global initiatives. His enthusiasm is
    contagious and Tyler has motivated his peers to get involved in worthy
    causes, such as food drives for local food pantries and bell ringing for
    the Salvation Army. Most recently, Tyler delivered several informative
    presentations about an indigenous community in Honduras to peers in
    foreign language classes to both raise awareness and inspire action.

    Jennifer ClintonNominated by Mr. Delargy
    Jennifer is kind, warm, sweet on the outside, but fiercely intense
    on the inside, especially when it relates to athletics. She also leads
    by example and makes everyone around her better.

    Melanie Drinkwater Nominated by Mr. Recker
    Melanie is a caring and compassionate student who is always
    friendly and respectful to her peers, her classmates, and the
    faculty and staff in our high school. When she is not busy play-
    ing soccer or bowling, Melanie is the treasurer of the freshman
    class who will never hesitate to get motivated and to help
    organize school events.

    Daniel DufrenoyNominated by Ms. Hoss
    Anyone who knows Dan Dufrenoy or hears his name cannot help
    but smile. He is upbeat, gregarious, and enthusiastic 24 hours a
    day 7 days a week. He has the ability to energize a classroom and
    he is the chemistry in a class. If I could adopt him and bring him
    home I would. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Dufrenoy on
    raising an incredible young man.

    Jenna Ferremi Nominated by Mr. Hall and Mrs. Hart
    Jenna is extremely hard working and conscientious. Jenna has
    been the backbone of the History Club this year. In her soft
    spoken and humble way, she has continually carried out her duties
    as historian. We will miss her greatly.

    Tara ImbrendaNominated by Ms. Hoss
    Tara is an enthusiastic student who is always eager and ready to
    learn. She adds energy and a positive dynamic to class discussions.
    She has a wonderful sense of humor and is a well rounded student
    who is a great role model for younger kids. I truly enjoy teaching
    Tara every day! She is the reason why teachers love to teach!

    Casey JarvisNominated by Ms. Bernstein
    Casey is industrious, kind and intelligent. These are three
    characteristics of a champion in my book. Casey lives those
    qualities to the nth degree.
    Jaclyn KolleggerNominated by Mr. Kramer
    Though probably held in high regards in all her classes, Jackie has
    become an indispendable part of the orchestra program. From her
    leadership in her section, and her participation in the Sayville
    Quartet, to being an officer in the String Ensemble for two years
    straight, Jackie is the definition of irreplaceable. Good luck to her
    in all future endeavors.

    Karley MalenczakNominated by Ms. Hoss
    Karley is a mature young woman who is undoubtedly destined for
    success in the future. She is conscientious and hardworking. One
    of Karley’s most endearing qualities is her modesty. She has so
    much to be boastful about, but would never think to talk about her-
    self. She is an accomplished athlete and student, but most
    importantly she is a kind and sincere friend. She will be sorely
    missed in the fall.

    Jessica McGuiganNominated by Ms. Malafis
    Jessica just started school here this year. She made friends seem-
    lessly because she is kind and generous. She is a very intelligent
    young woman, but always very helpful. When she helps the other
    students, she doesn’t make them feel that she is smarter than them.
    Jessica always has a smile on her face and makes the people around
    her feel at ease.

    Thomas MonahanNominated by Ms. Kremer
    Tommy is gregarious, introspective, intelligent, and very funny.
    He asks insightful questions and serves as a positive catalyst for
    discussions in Global History. Tommy has a love for reggae music,
    his little sister and his family. Having Tommy in class makes
    teaching rewarding and worthwhile. Thank you!

    Denise NatoliNominated by Mr. Vorwald
    Denise is a highly motivated and reliable student and serves as a
    role model for her peers. She easily relates to her peers and her
    teachers and demonstrates all the traits of not only an excellent
    student, but also of a caring and considerate person. Denise is most
    deserving of being recognized at our Breakfast of Champions.

    Nicole QuinteroNominated by Ms. Feeley and Ms. Dudick
    Nicole is a hardworking, helpful and incredibly kind student who
    is well respected by her peers and her teachers. Nicole has been a
    good asset to our ESL students during her study hall and has taken
    a leadership role in helping those students learn the English
    language. Her patience and good nature shows while helping
    students in Ms. Feeley’s learning labs.

    Meaghan ReillyNominated by Mr. Pace
    Meaghan is a joy to have in the classroom. She is a hardworking
    student who makes sure not only that she is heard, but that others
    are as well. As a student in class, Meaghan is not afraid to be the
    “missing voice.” Meaghan’s opinion and beliefs are very
    respected in the class and I look forward to hearing more of what
    she has to say in the coming years.

    Thomas RendeNominated by Mr. Schmeider
    Tom comes across as “the eternal optimist”- someone who sees
    that people are remarkably good. Tom is athletic, a developing
    leader, an “A” student, never big headed, but always big hearted.
    He serves his Key Club well, and always serves as a leader in
    helping other club members fulfill their membership obligations.

    Alexandra SellittiNominated by Ms. Warren
    Alexandra is a wonderful student. She is motivated, hard-working,
    and goal oriented. More importantly, she is a wonderful person –
    kind, considerate, empathetic, and thoughtful. Alexandra truly
    deserves to be a champion!

    Jean –Marie Tagliaferri Nominated by Mr. Blatter
    Jean-Marie is an extremely hard working, conscientious, and
    caring young lady! She never hesitates to help other students in
    class, or any other situations. Jean-Marie is a tremendous choice
    for Breakfast of Champions!

    Raymond Waters Nominated by Mr. Delargy
    Ray is the ultimate athlete. He is one of the most unselfish
    athletes I have seen in my career. He leads by example and is
    a tremendous role model.

    Megan Whitehurst Nominated by Ms. Bernstein
    Megan is a sensitive, kind and hardworking young lady who
    epitomizes everything that is right about today’s youth. She
    brings her “A-game” to class each and every day, and her
    achievement certainly reflect her efforts. She has been a joy
    for these last 2 years and she is only getting better.