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Keeping Islip Clean, One Marina at a Time

  • To help “Keep Islip Clean,” many student volunteers from Mrs. Lutz’s Eighth-grade Living Environment and Life Science classes donated their time. Coordinating their efforts with the Great American Clean Up 2010, the student volunteers joined the millions of people across the country in this annual campaign to clean and beautify all of America. How fortunate for the Sayville students that it happened to be a beautiful Saturday morning! The industrious students collected over 75 pounds of garbage and debris from the Sayville Marina Park area! Thank you to the following volunteers for restoring the natural order of our Marina:

    Steven Pace

    Joe Reilly
    Emily Nowlan

    Erin MacDonell

    Liz Palma

    Rich Salloum

    Will Potts

    Phil Fox

    Steven Callis

    Ariana Garrett

    Zoe Kalomiris

    Aneri Kinariwalla

    Anna Stenzinger

    Michael Coan

    Morgan Young

    Dina Netska

    Maddie Lane

    Chris O’Sullivan