SMBA Celebrates

  • SMBA Celebrates the Arts

    with an Unforgettable Evening

    A musical showcase of talented Sayville students shared center stage for one night in the annual culminating event hosted by the SMBA (Sayville Music Booster for the Arts) volunteers. Again this year, it was an evening enriched by the vocal performances of Elementary, Middle, and High School students, the sizzling sounds of jazz, the blare of brass, the celestial strains of orchestra, and everything in between.

    The Sayville Players reprised their roles in the 2009-2010 season with excerpts from Creature Creeps, Steel Magnolias, and of course, this year's musical Oklahoma. A thrilling new addition to the literary scene was presented by three students, known as The Society of Unlikely Poets, who demonstrated the musicality of the spoken word.

    Another outstanding number was performed by Sophomore Kyle Tieman-Strauss. Mixing the exquisite sounds of the High School string ensemble with the beautiful coloratura of Senior Alexis Minogue, Kyle conducted his original musical composition The Little Horse (music based upon ee cummings Little Horse Newly; the lyrics sung by Lexi) which ended amid thunderous applause and a standing ovation.

    In addition to the musical showcase, the winners of the SMBA grants, and senior scholarships were announced throughout the evening. The award-winning recipients were culled from the candidates who fulfilled the requirements of the application process. In addition to essay writing, requesting recommendation letters, and submitting an activities sheet, the Senior scholarship winners in music, literary, visual arts, theatre, and dance were adjudicated by professional judges in their respective disciplines several weeks prior. Because their identities were substituted by numbers to preserve anonymity, even the scholarship committee did not know the names of the winners until they were revealed during the awards celebration. It was an exciting moment for each of the students. Congratulations go to all the winners listed below.

    For his years of service, retiring Music Department Chairperson Neil Bernstein was given a special award, a life preserver signed by High School Music students, to remember them when he is out on his boat enjoying his new freedom.

    SMBA's Evening in Celebration of the Arts could not have taken the spotlight without the expertise of Music Department faculty conductors and stage crew. However, the concerted efforts of the few SMBA volunteers (who throughout the Evening actively campaigned to increase their numbers with clever “commercial breaks”), guided by SMBA president Joe Cook, orchestrated the evening of scholarships, grants, and celebration to make the evening unforgettable. They deserve a special thank you.

    SENIOR AWARd-Recipients:

    Julie MacDonell - George Seyfert Music Award

    Elanur Erdogan - William Colson Art Award

    Kerishma Panigrahi - John Lee Literary Award

    John Bavaro - Visual Arts

    Aline Koinoglou - Dance

    Raffeala Capp - Theater

    Amanda Rizzo - Literary

    Kasey Tucker - Strings

    Tessa Buono - Voice

    Alexis Minogue - Voice

    Angharad Rebholz - Voice

    Kevin Fedelem - Brass

    Giovanna Ruggiero – Strings

    2010 SMBA Grants for High School:

    Dance - Shannon Lynch

    Strings - Katelyn Odierna

    Voice - Danielle Post

    Woodwind - Kieran Harrison

    Woodwind - Erica Elsesser

    Woodwind - Katherine Farrell

    Theater Performance - Kenneth Murray

    Theater Performance - Elizabeth Larkin

    Theater Performance - Natasha Capp

    2010 SMBA Awards for Middle School:

    Dance - Olivia Minogue

    Brass - Shannon Wissemann

    Brass - Molly Andrews

    Strings - Shreeya Panigrahi

    Voice - Meghan Gunther

    Woodwind - Edward Burke

    Woodwind - Emily Faughnan

    Woodwind - Alex Sneddon

    Woodwind - Caroline Greco

    Woodwind - Mary Nichols

    Literary - Jennifer Lembeck