Dedicated to Their Craft

  • At Sayville Middle School, Mrs. Jean Galima’s lunch period "Crafted With Love Knit and Crochet Club" continues to create the most beautiful items for donations. Dedicated student crafters have clicked their needles to transform colorful yarn into blankets, hats, scarves, and little stuffed toys.


    Recently, as a guest instructor Mrs. Margaret Hunter visited the lunch club to share her hints and stitches. “What a wonderful treat it is to have her spend lunch with us and show the members her projects,” Mrs. Galima remarked, adding: “The crafters could not get over how Mrs. Hunter can knit on a circular needle, making cable stitches and detailed pattern stitches without looking or even referring the pattern.”


    During her instruction session, Mrs. Hunter proved that handmade items can last for years when she revealed she was actually wearing a sweater she had made more than 25 years ago—and it was still so stylish. The club members also appreciated all the yarn that Mrs. Hunter had donated on behalf of a friend. “We now have beautiful colors to create amazing granny blankets!”  Mrs. Galima exclaimed, echoing the sentiments of her crafters.


    Mrs. Galima also wanted to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of students Esra Erdogan, Lara Beth Hirsch, Lia Magliola, Emily Sneddon, Amanda Minutello, Rachel Zarett, Lia Mignolia, Sierra Graygor, Dalen Ferreiri, and Zoe Kalmiris. Thanks to their prolific talent, the “Crafted with Love Club” will have many items to donate. These along, with the pledges of many members who will spend their summer making blankets, will add to the collection of crafts slated for holiday donations in December.