Helping Creatures Great and Small

  • Sunrise Drive student Ariana Annarumma asked her classmates in Mrs. Morisie?s Third Grade to donate items for the Double D Bar Ranch in Riverhead. The Double D Bar Ranch is a rescue farm for unwanted, sick, or injured animals. Thanks to owners Donna and Daniel, more than 450 animals: goats, sheep, llamas, deer, cows, bulls, pigs, rabbits, horses?and this number does not include the birds, chickens, turkeys, and one peacock? receive assistance, recovery, and a home.



    Word-of-mouth news (through her mother?s friend) about this worthy cause inspired Ariana to ask the children in her class to bring in supplies for the animals who live there.  Some of the supplies she requested included old, worn out blankets and towels to keep the animals warm, carrots, animal food, and even strawberry Twizzlers for the llamas. Impressed by Ariana?s dedication, Mrs. Morisie commended her ?great work? and continued efforts to spread the word.