Terra Nova Testing



    The Terra Nova is a test designed to measure achievement in the basic skills taught in schools throughout the nation.  Here in Sayville, we administer the Terra Nova test to our second graders in October.  The students are tested in the areas of Reading and Language Arts and Mathematics.


    The Terra Nova Test is a norm-referenced, standardized achievement test.  Norm-referenced means that each child’s achievement in a broad area, such as language, can be compared with other students’ achievement in the same grade.  Achievement means that the test provides a “snapshot” of how much a child has achieved so far.  The test measures the basic content and skills that are most common in our district and throughout the country. 


    What is it used for?


    • To identify and examine areas of strength and weakness in the performance of students
    • To provide a basis for reports to the district and parents
    • To inform teachers of the needs of their students.