Fun fitness tests continued

Wall Sit Test

-          purpose: The Wall Sit test is a measure of lower body strength endurance, particularly the quadriceps muscle

-          equipment required: smooth wall and a stopwatch

  • description / procedure: Stand comfortably with feet approximately shoulder width apart, with your back against a smooth vertical wall. Slowly slide your back down the wall to assume a position with both your knees and hips at a 90° angle. The timing starts when one foot is lifted off the ground and is stopped when the subject cannot maintain the position and the foot is returned to the ground. After a period of rest, the other leg is tested.
  • scoring: the total time in seconds that the position was held for each leg is recorded. The table below gives a general guideline to expected scores for a single leg for adults, based on my personal experiences. Comparing the scores for each leg may indicate muscle weakness on one side.


males (seconds)

females (seconds)



> 60







below average



very poor

< 25

< 20


  • advantages: This test requires minimal equipment and can be conducted with large groups all at once

Plate Tapping Test

This test of limb movement speed is part of the Eurofit Testing Battery.

-          purpose: to assess the speed and the coordination of limb movement.

-          equipment required: table (adjustable height), yellow discs (20cm diameter), rectangle (30 x 20 cm), stopwatch.

-          description / procedure: If possible, the table height should be adjusted so that the subject is standing comfortably in front of the discs. The two yellow discs are placed with their centers 60 cm apart on the table. The rectangle is placed equidistant between both discs. The non-preferred hand is placed on the rectangle. The subject moves the preferred hand back and forth between the discs over the hand in the middle as quickly as possible. This action is repeated for 25 full cycles (50 taps).


results: The time taken to complete 25 cycles is recorded. Performed the test twice and the best result is recorded.  Try to improve your score each time.