Fitness Testing

  •      Students in grades 3-5 take part in a Physical Fitness challenge.  Individual testing is done two times a year (fall and spring). 

    The Fitness Challenge is a program that encourages all Americans to make being active part of their everyday lives. No matter what your activity and fitness level, this challenge can help motivate you to improve. 

    Fitness Concepts  3,4,5                         Related fitness test


    1.Muscular strength                          Flexed arm hang/pullups/sit ups                 

    2.Muscular endurance                       Sit-ups/ Flexed arm hang/sit ups

    3.Cardio-respiratory endurance        1/2 or 1 mile run

    4.Agility/Speed                                  Shuttle run

    5.Flexibility                                       Sit and reach

    6.Body composition                          fat vs. muscle discussion



    Fitness concepts K,1,2


         Exercise -     Heart rate concepts

         Rest      -      Hours of sleep required by age

         Nutrition -   National food pyramid guidelines