NAHS Teachers Pumpkin Art - Sunrise Village Residents Discover Hidden Talents

  • NAHS Teaches Pumpkin Painting



    Twenty residents of the Sunrise Village were amazed to discover their hidden artistic talents for Pumpkin Painting. With student members of the Sayville National Art Honor Society as willing instructors, the Sunrise Village residents learned how to create masterpieces of originality with art materials that included acrylic paint, twine, feathers, and glue. Although many insisted they possessed little or no talent, each resident had a wonderful Pumpkin personality by the end of the lesson.


    Coordinated by the recreational director of Sunrise Village, Patricia Neu and the National Art Honor Society Advisor and Sayville Art teacher, Mrs. Kim Kamensky, the residents and students enjoyed the lively exchange. “One woman remarked that she liked the Pumpkin Painting even more than the refrigerator magnets that they made last year with the NAHS members,” said Mrs. Kamensky, who also added that the Sayville National Art Honor Society students “had a great time and would like to thank Sunrise Village for allowing us to share our art.”


    Thanks to the following students who attended this event:

    Brianna Concannon, Tim Cowan, Jason Cromwell, Emily Grasso, Trisha Hanlon,  Mike Hewson, Anthony Piacentini, Rachel Sigismondi, Taylor Takats