Time Travel at Homecoming

  • Time Travel at Homecoming

    A Parade through the Decades


    Not a raindrop fell to spoil the Sayville Homecoming Parade despite overcast skies and forecasts of drenching downpours. Even the fanfare at the Sayville Chamber of Commerce Fall Festival on Main Street parted for the succession of student-decorated floats depicting this year’s theme: The Decades.


    Within the week before, each class competed for “spirit” points by participating in daily school-spirit-related activities. After school, many students broke into teams, some rehearsed skits and dance routines, others built floats according to their chosen decade.


    On Homecoming Day, spirit was definitely on parade. The Freshman Class gathered enthusiasm for everything eighties, which included Packman, MTV, break dancing, and Michael Jackson’s classics. On board Sophomore Alley, the Sophomores dared to look back to the roaring twenties, complete with flappers, gangsters, Model Ts, and the jazz ambiance of the Kotton Club. The highly energized Juniors stood secure in the sixties with their tie-dyed t-shirts, peace signs, and Flower Power. Showcasing the seventies, the Seniors invited aboard their float the Star Wars likenesses of Darth Vader, Chewbacca, a Stormtrooper, and even threw in Olympic Gold Medalist, Swimmer Mark Spitz just to be sure.


    Homecoming mania inspired each class to cheer, shout, sing, offer a bit of storyline, and perform amazing dance routines. After all the skits were performed, the Rotary Club of Sayville rendered the decision; Congratulations to the Juniors who garnered points for first place, followed by the Seniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen.


    Special congratulations also to the players and coaches of the dedicated Varsity Football Team, who had a special incentive in memory of a teammate’s father to win the Homecoming Game against Miller Place. Cheered on by our energetic Varsity Cheerleaders, exuberant High School Band, and the faithful Sayville community of loyal supporters and fans, the Flashes pulled it off with a score of 17:13.


    Homecoming Courts

    Freshman; King Spencer Ray Queen Taylor Callis, Court: Nicole Geraci, Will Hudson, Billy Johnson, Nicole Petillo

    Sophomores; Jason Butler, Brianna Burke Court Kristi Troha, Natasha Kaminski, Ryan Carroll, Steve Leshinger

    Juniors: King Tein Hlwa, Queen Anna Carroll, Court: Joe McNulty, Kathryn Dranoff, Billy Ferrara, Melissa Furci

    Seniors King Zach Hoon, Auenn Katy Quinn, Court Gabby Sakk, Jaime Peterson, Peter Ryan, Ty Peterson