Filling EMPTY BOWLS - for Hunger Awareness



    SOUP'S ON!!!

    [MENU: Manhattan Clam ChowderNew England Clam Chowder, Italian Wedding Soup, Pasta e Fagiole, Roasted Garlic & Onion, Chicken Noodle Soup, Split Pea Soup, and Beef Barley]

    During National Hunger Awareness Month (October), the Sayville High School Art Club and the Sayville School Employees Charitable Foundation hosted an “Empty Bowls” soup/salad dinner event for more than 150 guests in the High School Cafeteria. 


    For a $10 ticket, dinner guests enjoyed an assortment of steaming and hearty homemade soups* kept piping hot in crockpots. They sampled a variety of dinner rolls, corn muffins, and biscuits, and had their pick of dressings for the tossed salad. And for their dining pleasure, background music was provided by student Kathreen Mangaluz at the piano. As a special attraction, guests were also invited to select a one-of-a-kind handmade ceramic bowl from the over 250 bowls made by Sayville High School Art students.


    This first Empty Bowl event was actually two years in the making; the original plans began with members of the Class of 2008 whose handiwork was represented among the pottery on display. However if not for the generosity of so many people, from local merchants, such as Brooklyn Paul’s Deli, Fritzsche’s Bakery, and Audrey’s Bakery, to Sayville faculty, staff, and families (see list below) who made soup, bowls, or gave donations, the sumptuous feast  would not have been possible. 

    A special congratulations goes to Bobbie Dalpiaz and the SHS Art Club members for their beautiful crafstmanship. The success of this first Empty Bowls fundraising event was certainly due in part to the artistic creations of such talented students.


    "Many, many, many, thanks to all the faculty members who donated soup, crockpots, purchased bowls, and joined us for the evening,” Art Department Chair Julia Lang Shapiro added. “This was a wonderful opportunity for all of us to see the impact that Art can have by promoting social awareness both globally and locally.  It is good to know that we have helped to fill some of the empty bowls of those in need.”


    The entire proceeds from the Empty Bowls event, which totaled over $1,700, were donated to the Greater Sayville Food Pantry. 

     Art Club Members

    Allie Gressler

    Anna Ambrose

    Anthony Argentina

    Karla Bohaty

    Heather Bonimico

    Sean Bonney

    Catherine Boucher

    Taylor Brown

    Tessa Buono

    Emma Byrne

    Michelle Carl

    Rebecca Carl

    Christina Chatteron

    Melissa Cipriano

    Holly Citeno

    Lauren Corley

    Eileen Corrado

    Brittany Coughlin

    Kelly DeKenipp

    Grace DeLuca

    Kristina Durkin

    Ela Erdagon

    Bryanna Fatigate

    Jenna Ferremi

    Emily Gallagher

    Maegen Goczan

    Brianna Gomez

    Emily Grasso

    Caitlin Hand

    Derek Hartnett

    Shannon Healey

    Kathleen Huguenin

    Samantha Jahnke

    Morgan Kane

    Jesse Karszen

    Caitlin Keenan

    Neha Kinariwalla

    Melissa King

    Christine Klassert

    Rachel Koehler

    Kaitlyn Kwiatkowski

    Larissa Lampitelli

    Kaitlyn LaVacca

    Kayla McCabe

    Kayla MacFarlane

    Alysa Nadeau

    Patrick O'Connor

    Jennifer O'Neill

    Anthony Piacentini

    Alicia Proteus

    Hannah Russell

    Kristen Scheff

    Julia Sergison

    Brittany Spano

    Katie Svarzman

    Taylor Takats

    Nicole Troccoli

    Liz Vita

    Amy Wannermyer





    Brooklyn Paul’s Deli

    Fritzsche’s Bakery

    Audrey’s Bakery

    Sally Stohl & The DePompeo Family

    The O’Neill Family

    The DeKenipp Family

    The Argentina Family

    Jennifer Berotti

    Brian Bennett

    Doug Shaw

    Kathy Van Dorn

    Michael Dileo

    Greg Von Brook

    Joanne Alcabes

    Patty Patrizi

    Beth Laundrie

    Amy Walsh

    Betsy Quinlan