About Bullying Prevention - PEACEWORKS in Sayville Schools

  • Since 2000, there has been a PEACEWORKS AND BULLYING PREVENTION PROGRAM in Sayville schools. This program, sponsored by the Peace Education Foundation, includes professional training and "push in" programs (see photos below) that not only educate children and adults about the dynamics of conflict, but also promotes peacemaking skills in schools. (See the Middle School Powerpoint presentation below for details and information that can help recognize and prevent bullying.)

    Also, we ask you to please support Sayville school’s efforts (1) in recognizing that bullying is intolerable and (2) in constructively addressing the problem by making the Principals or Guidance Departments aware of instances when such antisocial behavior occurs.

    Keep in mind that "bullying" (which includes threats, harassment, intimidation, and aggravated or simple assaults) breaks Federal and State laws against hate crimes and is prosecutable!

    For more information contact Middle School Social Worker Dawn Lloyd at 244-6660.

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