Civil War Documentary Wins 2nd Place - for Sunrise Drive Fifth graders

  • NYS Archives Award

    Sunrise Drive Students’

    Civil War Documentary


    It was their first try. The Civil War documentary created by Mrs. Claudia Carpenter’s Sunrise Drive Fifth graders (who moved up in June of 2008) won the second place Student Research Award (honorable mention) from the New York State Archives.


    For eighteen years, the New York State Archives has offered the Student Research Awards program “to promote and recognize excellence in student research. The main purpose of the awards program is to encourage students to explore the wealth of historical records in New York State. A secondary purpose is to increase cooperation between schools and organizations that administer historical records useful for education.”  [quote from]


    The Student Research Awards panel of judges, consisting of teachers, historians, and archivists, selected the award recipient(s) for each category based on criteria such as historical accuracy, extent of research, understanding of historical context, creativity, organization, writing skills, and attractive visual presentation.


    With voiceovers at each slide, the Sunrise Drive students narrated historical facts and created an engaging Civil War documentary that met the criteria requirements for an Honorable Mention Award. Congratulations to Mrs. Carpenter and her Fifth graders* (see list below) for their research efforts and fine work, which earned them second place on their first attempt!


    You can view the award-winning documentary online by clicking first on the Mrs. Carpenter's webpage link below or Our Class's Civil War Documentary.



    Students: Samuel Blitman, Jason Calicchio, Joseph Cunningham, Drake Davison, Samantha Eisner, Diana Ferretti, Zoe Gomes, Meghan Gunther, Jenn Hanley, Kathleen Hill, Shaun Keane, Matthew Lassandro, Philip Maehr, Isabella Mangan, Joseph Mullen, Justine Odierna, Steven Petrocelli, Brian Reutter, Tanner Russo, Kristen Tisch, and Peter Zambaras