Welcome Back - Returning Staff

  • In a Spirit of Achievement,

    Sayville Faculty and Staff are Welcomed

    To Another School Year


    September 2, 2008

    As all Sayville staff attended the Welcome Back Orientation, they were met with Olympic fanfare. A recording of the John Williams’ Olympic theme music filled the Middle School auditorium. Five hula hoops (loaned by Cherry Avenue phys ed teacher Jen Fee) representing the Olympic symbols were suspended over the stage, and towering proudly—stage left—stood a magnificent 8-ft high “torch,” composed of scrap plywood, leftover paint, and flames of fluttering crepe paper fueled by an electric fan below.


    Tying in this year’s theme with the Summer Olympics, Superintendent Dr. Rosemary Jones acknowledged the past achievements of faculty, students, and staff within the School District and extolled the District’s successes at all levels.


    Noting that the Olympics symbol of the five interlocking rings “mirrors the interrelated work of our five schools,” Dr. Jones remarked, “they are equal in dimension and importance, and each plays a role and contributes to the overall success we enjoy.”


    Pointing to the impressive torch, Dr. Jones complimented the talents of Buildings and Grounds staff Chris Bostinto and Jim Duffy “for getting into the spirit… I happened to mention this Spirit of Achievement and the Olympic theme, and …Voila! This amazing torch materialized.”


    Dr. Jones shared “eight gold-medal” accomplishments that supported her claim that Sayville’s excellence was derived from “good public schools, good teaching, good coaching, good families, and a good community.”

    *      Sayville’s focus is on student achievement in a caring environment.


    *      At the foundation of this excellence are the incredible efforts and amazing sacrifices made by the elementary administrators, faculty, students, and staff. Guided by Dr. Sullivan Keck and the elementary curriculum council, our elementary educators “keep on top of their game with new practices, programs, and methodologies.” 


    *      The School-to-Watch Awarded Middle School maintains the focus on student achievement, resulting in scores at the very top of the very competitive Long Island schools in both math and English.


    *      At the High School, our actual Regents Passing Rate jumped from 68% in 1996 (when Regents were only given to select students) to 82% in 2008 (when this number now includes all students including those with disabilities. This year, nearly 90% of students with disabilities received Regent’s diplomas.)


    *      Our alternative high school program has had a tremendous impact on our kids, helping more to achieve their meaningful high school diplomas. “Let’s all thank Kevin Noonan and the content area staff,” Dr. Jones said initiating applause.


    *      This year, 25 out of 26 Varsity Teams qualified as Scholar Athlete teams. “We have to thank our coaches for instilling values and demanding our athletes perform not only on the fields and in the gyms, but also in the classrooms.”


    *      Sayville Students have risen to the challenge of AP courses with excellent results.


    *      Our educational standards are at the highest levels for all grades. “In addition to our staff, these opportunities are supported by a fiscally strong district with a Board of Education that is child centered,” in district facilities that are well maintained.





    Holding up the standard of excellence will required responding to the new challenges of troubling economic times, Dr. Jones admitted.  “I also believe that we are up to the challenge—what may be the Olympic challenge—of making our students successful…they succeed because they have the most encouragement, empowerment, support…I thank each of you for your Olympic efforts and for getting our kids across the finish line with professionalism, energy, encouragement, and compassion.”


    After the Superintendent’s address, twenty-nine staff members were recognized for milestone years of service with a video presentation and awards ceremony.


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