This is Jeopardy - This is Jeopardy via Whiteboards

  • This is Jeopardy” via Whiteboards


    Getting quizzed on a variety of topics has never generated so much enthusiasm. In Mr. Michael Pace’s social studies classes, Jeopardy-style learning has been enhanced by Interactive Whiteboard technology.


    Inserting Global Studies 9 content into a Jeopardy template—that includes Jeopardy sound effects, Mr. Pace prepares each game on specific lessons via his desktop computer. After which, the desktop interfaces with the Whiteboard, the large white screen at the front of the classroom.


    What soon becomes apparent is that, unlike a movie screen, the whiteboard is electronic and interactive with both touchscreen and remote capabilities. And unlike a personal computer, it enables all the students to share the group experience: in this case, becoming simultaneous contestants in the Jeopardy game.


    To play the game, the students are asked to choose a question from a category and points value, and compete to provide the answers. The momentum builds as they accrue points, gain confidence, and enjoy the important lesson in a game format. For Mr. Pace, knowing that his students are excited about learning reassures him that, where his students are concerned, the Global Studies curriculum via the Interactive Whiteboard is not causing them any serious jeopardy.