GingerKid Search at Sunrise Drive

  • Catching Up With The Gingerkids

    At Sunrise Drive


    After reading many versions of The Gingerbread Man, Mrs. Roberta Weisbecker’s Kindergarten class went on a “Gingerkid Hunt” in Sunrise Drive.


    The two Gingerkid Dolls (a gift from a Sunrise Drive parent) had run away and the class went in pursuit. They followed clues to the “meeter/greeter” desk in front of the main office, went on to Social Worker Mrs. Fabian’s office, and then to School Nurse Mrs. Chandler’s office. Finally, the Kindergarteners were ecstatic about finding both Gingerkids in Mrs. Castello’s office. Afterwards, the class returned to the classroom and watched on the Interactive Whiteboard a video in which Jan Brett reads her book "The Gingerbread Baby".


    The students were so excited about this adventure that they have been expanding their imaginations by creating new Gingerkid stories to share.