Breakfast of Champions Honors Students

  • Twice each year, Sayville High School holds a Breakfast of Champions to recognize our youth who demonstrate good citizenship beyond the classroom or athletic field, who achieve their personal best by striving to overcome major obstacles, or who show an innate compassion to help others. Organized by Assistant Principal Ronald Hoffer and Dean Tamar Muscolino in conjunction with the art and technology departments, High School Administrators, faculty, and staff, Breakfast of Champions has become a wonderful tradition. Select students and their parents enjoy a morning meal, provided by 21 Main, Sayville, and receive recognition along with a Breakfast of Champions certificate and plaque created with their portrait on a Wheaties Box background.


    This Fall semester, Breakfast of Champions once again honored 21 Sayville High School Students who routinely exemplify outstanding character and conduct.  (see below).

    Their positive leadership, as observed by the Sayville High School teachers and staff who nominated them, has made a difference and provided the essential components that contribute to a successful High School Community.








    Vanessa Bartolotta          Nominated by Mr. Delargy

                                                 “No matter what unit we are in, she gives it her all and is always a positive influence on everyone.”


    Ian Besso                         Nominated by Mr. Hall

                                              “The Social Studies department has developed a real fondness for Ian.  Certainly, we appreciate his intellectual curiosity and insightful commentary in class.  Ian Besso is an extraordinary young man and well deserving of this recognition.”


    Joseph Black                    Nominated by Mrs. VanDorn

                                              “He goes above and beyond what is expected of him.  In addition to Joey’s impeccable work ethic, he is polite, cheerful and always courteous.  Joey Black’s character is outstanding and from a teacher’s point of view, refreshing.”


    Emily Grasso                    Nominated by Mr. Sznitken

                                        “The main reason for this nomination is because I have witnessed her on more than one occasion help another student with their studies.  It is inspiring as a teacher to have a student like Emily in my class.”


    Julie MacDonell              Nominated by Ms. Dashiell

                                              “Okay, I guess saying I love her is not acceptable!  Seriously, she is an amazing talent who is humble and truly desires to learn.  Julie is the epitome of the word student.”


    Allyson Marchan             Nominated by Mrs. Brown

                                              “She is a delightful, well mannered young lady who is a wonderful role model to her peers.  She is sincere and can brighten any room with her smile and is certainly one of Sayville’s diamonds in the rough.”



    William Maro                   Nominated by Ms. Warren

                                              “Will is a highly motivated student who demonstrates a well-developed sense of responsibility.  In addition, Will is honest, tactful, thoughtful, helpful, and considerate with his fellow students, as well as with his teachers.  I am so very proud of him.”


    Thomas Mittiga               Nominated by Mr. Neugebauer

                                              “He is an intense hard worker who works well with all his peers.”


    Douglas Meehan             Nominated by Mr. Delargy

                                              “He is the ultimate team player; he puts the interests of others before himself.  The football team couldn’t have picked a better person to wear the #9 jersey and, he is a Notre Dame fan!”


    Alexandra Moncayo        Nominated by Mrs. Bricker

                                              “Alex is a remarkable young woman.  Alex is imaginative, energetic, and determined to help the students she tutors

    improve in Spanish.  Her positive attitude is contagious.”



    James Muller                   Nominated by Mrs. Bernstein and Mr. Hall

    Matthew Muller               “They are brothers, best friends, and inseparable.  They are excellent students, active school citizens, but frankly, we value their integrity and innate goodness most of all.  They are truly champions in every sense of the word.” 


    Alysa Nadeau                   Nominated by Mrs. Thelian

                                              “Alysa brightens my classroom with her smile and positive attitude.  She is respectful, personable, and easy going.  I truly enjoy having her in class.”


    Jenna Olsen                     Nominated by Mrs. Bachisin

                                              “Jenna is the epitome of a real-life champion.  Her compassionate sensitivity to others gives credence to her inner beauty.  Knowing a selfless young individual like Jenna Olsen is indeed a real privilege and pleasure.”


    Kerishma Panigrahi         Nominated by Mr. Hall

                                              “Keri combines an impressive intellect with a sincere compassion for others.  Indeed, Keri rises above the apathy common among too many students.  Her genuine concern for the betterment of society is truly quite remarkable.”


    Frank Peluso                    Nominated by Mrs. Bricker

                                              “Frank has exhibited leadership and a commitment to service through his involvement in the Interact Club.  He has consistently participated and motivated his peers in all of our local and global initiatives.”


    Kassondra Pond-Lucas   Nominated by Mrs. Feeley

                                              “Kassy has demonstrated notable improvement from last school year.  Her motivation, effort, responsibility, self control and social skills, merit an acknowledgement of her being recognized for her improvements.”


    Amanda Ryan                  Nominated by Mrs. Stewart-Hassett

                                              “Amanda is an outstanding example of a student who takes full responsibility for her own learning.  She prepares to the best of her ability.  Our entire class benefits from Amanda.  Great job Amanda!”


    Kristin Scheff                   Nominated by Mr. Hammer

                                              “Kristin embodies what it means to be an artist.  She is exceptionally talented, hardworking, and dedicated.  With her highly original style and a genuinely kind soul she has created quite a name for herself.”


    Alexis Skalkowski           Nominated by Ms. Walsh

                                              “Alexis is a person of true character with solid values.  Her dedication and commitment to the class activities during homecoming showcased her ability to work collaboratively with her peers.  She deserves to be recognized as an asset to our student body.”


    Lauren Skolnick               Nominated by Mrs. Licari

                                              “Lauren is one of the best students. She is conscientious, considerate and an all around great person.”