• We continue to improve our Yoga skills every day.  Children today have an overly active life with constant stimulation that robs their little worlds of peace.  Learning to handle the many moods and activities of life requires solitude.  Constant stimulation without balance of quietness creates chaos. 

    "The child who early befriends solitude becomes one with all that is and inherits everything."  The parents of Tao Te Ching.

    The benefits of Yoga are endless!  It develops flexibility, strength, stamina, agility, balance coordination and cardiovascular fitness.  It emphasizes proper body alignment so children avoid injury.  It promotes mental and physical health and a positive attitude toward exercise.  It builds cooperative skills and good social behavior by working with a partner or in a group.  Yoga encourages children's imagination and self-expression and builds self-confidence!

    Listed below are some web sites for you to check out so you can work at home with your child on their Yoga skills.  Why not join them?  What a fun family workout!!!