SHS offers Free SAT Prep

  • Sayville High School Offers

    Free SAT Prep Classes as part

    of our High School Curriculum



    Recently there was an article written in Newsday about how several local high schools are offering SAT prep classes at a reduced rate from Kaplan Test Prep programs. What the article failed to include was that here in Sayville our students can choose to take an SAT Prep course for free because it is a curriculum offering. Our staff of very experienced teachers offers these classes during regular school hours, which nearly doubles the amount of time that the Kaplan course is offered to enrolled students.  Also, our Sayville teachers who teach the Math and English portions of the Prep class each have over 20 years of experience in their respective area.


    In Sayville, despite these tough economic times, we are doing everything we can to help our community. We are very proud to offer such a great class that enormously benefits our juniors and seniors preparing for college.


    Sayville High School:


    Time Class is in Session:   One Full Semester = 20 weeks


    5 periods per week * 20  =  100 periods


    100 * 40 minutes per period  = 4000 minutes total class time


    Cost :  FREE


    When Class is Offered:   During School.  After school activities are not affected at all and there is no need to be driven back and forth to the school.

    See the quick comparison below:



    Time Class is in Session: 12 sessions for 3 hours per session  =  36 hours


     36 hours * 60 minutes  =  2160 minutes total class time


    Cost :  $ 599  which is the reduced rate from $1,149


    When Class is Offered: After school.  This causes many problems with students who are involved in sports, music, clubs, etc.  Also, many students have to be driven back to the school by their parents or friends which is another inconvenience.