Sinking Their Teeth into Art at Lincoln

  • Lincoln First Graders

    Sink Their TEETH into Art!


    The First-grade art students at Lincoln Avenue were learning about the traditions of the Tooth Fairy when one student actually lost his tooth during art class!


    The students had been reading and discussing the book “Throw Your Tooth on the Roof”  by Selby B. Beeler and they were amazed at the different customs practiced around the world. Art Teacher Mrs. Anne Marie Podlas assigned an art project to stimulate their imaginations further.


     “To illustrate what they thought the tooth fairy might look like, the students used black paper, glitter, and sparkle markers,” explained Mrs. Podlas who found the coincidentally loose tooth newsworthy. She asked the student, C.P., to use the opportunity as inspiration to create his own Tooth Fairy story and put into practice the writer’s workshop techniques he had been learning. The First Grader wrote:


            Yesterday my tooth was loose in art class.

            We were making tooth fairies and I had to go to the nurse.

            She had to pull it out.

            It didn’t even hurt.

            It was so cool losing my tooth when we were making tooth fairies.

                                                            By C.P.

    Great art and great writing…great job C.P! 

    And that's the tooth!



The tooth story