Varsity Cheerleaders Win LI Championship

  • After WINNING the Varsity

    Long Island Cheerleaders Championship,

    the Sayville Varsity Cheerleaders are 

    Going to Disney World!


    Congratulations to the Sayville Varsity Cheerleaders for winning the Varsity Long Island Cheerleaders Championship. The Sayville squad has gone as far as it can go for the small division (“small” meaning size of the squad, with 12 members, versus “large,” size of squad with 20 members) on Long Island. Head Coach Dawn Thelian is as excited as her squad because she knows not only are they talented, but they work very hard to perfect their amazing stunts.



    During the weekend competition, the Sayville Varsity Cheerleaders did more than step up to the challenge. Accompanied by their music selections based on themes of fire and ice, they flawlessly performed such elite stunts as the “360 Full to the Top” and “Single-based Heel Stretches.” The girls also won First Place in the Power Four Stunt for their breathtaking manuevers.


    Now, with both the Varsity Long Island Cheerleaders Champions Title  and the Power Four Stunt Title, Sayville Varsity Cheerleaders go onto the nationals at Disney World on February 7th. We all wish them good luck at the National High School Championships!