Feeding the Imagination at Cherry

  • Feeding the Imagination

    Pancake Breakfast

    on Author’s-Share Day

    at Cherry Avenue


    For weeks, Miss Jeanette Anderson’s Second-grade students had been enthusiastic about the “2A’s Pancake Breakfast and Author’s Share” event, working hard to write, illustrate, and prepare their personal narratives for oral presentations.


    So the smell of pancakes on the portable electric grill, which greeted the early-morning guests who entered Miss Jeanette Anderson’s Second Grade classroom, added to their excitement. The day had finally arrived. Dressed up for the occasion, the students welcomed family members who were invited to their special activity—to hear them read aloud from their creative writings, and after, share a pancake breakfast.


    When all the guests arrived, Miss Anderson introduced the students and distributed their spiral-bound publications. Dividing into groups, each student took turns and sat in the special “Author Chair,” decorated with mylar balloons, at each table.  Once all the students had finished reading their personal narratives, a flurry of praise and applause rose from the guests.


    The activity ended with hot pancakes, syrup, fresh fruit and juice!  Thanks to volunteer class parents and Miss Anderson’s creative students, everyone experienced satisfying stories and lip-smacking silver dollars.