Cherry Honors Students of the Month

  • Cherry Avenue honors

    Virtues of Leadership, Honesty at

    Students of the Month ASSEMBLies

    To acknowledge those elementary students who make exceptional choices in the classroom, the Cherry Avenue Community has initiated a Student of the Month event through the Character Education program.  Several times a year, select students are honored and congratulated at schoolwide assemblies. 


    The Character Education program at Cherry Avenue is ongoing. All grades (k-5) participate and have a Character Education Virtue to learn and discuss each month. Using the Character Education "Book Pack," the students are introduced to the Character Education virtue that is specifically assigned to each grade. All the students take turns bringing their grade-level “Book Packs” home. To complete the home "assignment," each student is required to read the book (or have parents read to them) and then add an entry in the journal. The students can choose to draw a picture, write a fictional story (which shows understanding of the virtue) or tell a true story (that corresponds with the virtue).

    The virtues are assigned as follows:

    Kindergarten:  Fairness/Making Good Choices

    First Grade:  Caring

    Second Grade:  Honesty/Trustworthiness

    Third Grade:  Responsibility

    Fourth Grade:  Tolerance/Respect

    Fifth Grade:  Leadership/Citizenship


     Celebrating “Leadership” at an assembly in December, the Cherry Avenue community acknowledged the students (see list below) for the months of September and October.  Each student was called up and received a certificate.  After, all the honored student’s names and photos were posted on the Student of the Month Bulletin Board. In addition, the Cherry Avenue students were entertained during the assembly by the Fifth-graders, who performed a skit depicting bullying on the school bus, and how to handle such a situation. 


    In January, the celebration covered the November and December (see same list below) students for “Honesty.” During this assembly, Mrs. Teufel’s Second-grade class gave a presentation on Honesty.  They worked very hard on their presentation and gave the student body a good idea of what Honesty meant to them!


    In the coming months, more schoolwide assemblies will be held to honor so many of our deserving students.


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