National Junior Honor Society - Induction at the Middle School

  • To be inducted into the Middle School's National Junior Honor Society, each student must maintain an average of 95 or above for four quarters, submit a letter of application, and demonstrate exemplary qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship.

    This year, fifty-two seventh-graders (21% of the seventh-grade class) and eleven more eighth-graders (adding to the eighty-one current members for a total of  92 or 26% of the current eighth-grade class) were eligible for induction into the National Junior Honor Society.

    At a (electric) candle lit ceremony, the inductees were welcomed to the society and joined current members.  As NJHS members, the students must maintain their academic standing while actively engaging in community-service projects or activities throughout the school year. Congratulations to the following students (see the attached file).

    7th Grade Honor


    Inductees List


    Spencer Andrews

    Sania Aziz

    Kerry Barrett

    Kathleen Barry

    Marade Bergen

    Britton Boyce

    Kristen Bricker

    Edward Burke

    Stephen Callis

    Julia Cameron

    Kaitlyn Cassidy

    Jessica Crawford

    Robert Danzi

    Nicole DelGaudio

    Joseph DePompeo

    Theodore Ebarb

    Esra Erdogan

    Michael Farese

    Dana Philip Fox

    Tiare Fridrich

    Ariana Garrett

    Colleen Henderson

    Julia Hirsch

    Dara Hofmann

    Zoe Kalomiris

    Aneri Kinariwalla

    Jordan Kobel

    Jennifer Lembeck

    Sean Lorthioir

    Emily Lowe

    Julia Magnani

    Meghan Maloney

    Susan Mangaluz

    Michael Marchan

    Sabrina Mayrose

    Jill Mediatore

    Madison Mills

    Sarah Monastero

    Emily Nowlan

    Tejas Patel

    Jaclyn Roppelt

    Jack Rosa

    Victoria Ross

    Richard Salloum

    Julia Simpson

    Patrick Smith

    Shane Sullivan

    Zahra Syed

    Mary Thayer

    Angela Vetere

    Shannon Wissemann

    Morgan Young

    Total: 52

    8th Grade Honor Society Inductees List


    Anthony Cappellino

    Madison Hoon

    Kelly Leach

    Casey Lodol

    Kyle Murray

    Connor O’Neill

    Jacqueline Ryder

    Christian Savini

    Hillary Slavik

    Maria Stuven

    Melanie Trinkwald

    Total: 11

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