Simon's Girls

  • January Theatre Lab 2009 production of

    Simon’s Girls

    Presented by the Sayville Players

    Directed by Steven Hailey


    The shows must go on, and so they did for the 30th Annual Sayville High School January Theatre Lab, despite inclement snowy weather during the performance dates. And they were well worth the effort.  What better way to experience genuine laughter and refreshing comic wit to uplift the dreary winter spirit? Key scenes from five of Neil Simon’s plays about mismatched relationships were performed by several well-matched casts on four different nights.


    -         In Barefoot in the Park, newly wedded bliss begins to blister between an uptight, upwardly mobile lawyer and his free spirit, but fretting bride.


    -         In the first of the three Plaza Suite acts, “Visitors from Mamaronek” try to renew their tired marriage by revisiting their honeymoon suite. In act three, “Visitors from Forest Hills,” a couple is unable to coax their daughter out of the locked bathroom in time for her own wedding ceremony.


    -         Jake’s Women hits closer to Neil Simon’s home, about a writer imagining dialogue between him and the important women in his life.


    -         The Odd Couple (the female cast version written by Simon in 1985) depicts a pair of extremely mismatched roommates from failed marriages learning both how to live with each other as well as themselves.


    -         The Star-Spangled Girl examines the clash and attraction of opposites in gender and political ideologies that is complicated by a love triangle on the verge of destroying long-standing relationships.


    In this Theatre Lab production, "Simons Girls" were spunky, funny, and sharp as portrayed by the versatile Sayville Players Alivia Wesley, Kailey Schnurman, Stefi Dier, Georgia Grant, Nicolle Ferremi, Kimberly Colavito, Rachel Crennan, Hannah Russell, and Heather Merkle. "Simon’s Guys," played by Andrew Vall, Quentin Hoffman, and Miles Whittaker, were perfect foils as both straight men and clowns when dealing with such complicated women. The combination resulted in satisfying theatre for all genders and ages.


    Along with the help of the Assistant Director,Stefi Dier and the Stage, Lighting, Running, Set-up, and Makeup volunteers who work behind the scenes to make the productions run smoothly, a special nod goes to the renovation crew who revitalized the Little Theatre –what an outstanding job!


    And as Director Steven Hailey hoped, the audiences enjoyed the fun of this dramatic enterprise each night.

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