Courtyard Renovation Begins at Lincoln

  • New Beginnings for the Lincoln Avenue Courtyard Renovation

    (See below for a Slide Presentation Worth a Thousand Words)


    Generously volunteering his time, equipment, and expertise, Mr. Michael Scoleri of Marlin Pools responded to a Site-Based Team goal to renovate the Lincoln Avenue Courtyard. As the parent of Lincoln Avenue students Gianna and Michael, Mr. Scoleri was aware of the Site-Based Team’s agenda: “to enhance the natural environment, create a learning space conducive to reflective activity, quiet learning, as well as scientific discovery.” This project, which will be ongoing, could not happen without an important beginning—the clearing of the lot in preparation for a new courtyard.


    An undertaking that would have taken lots of manpower was made much simpler with the help of several Lincoln Avenue custodial staff members, other volunteers, and Mr. Scoleri’s Bobcat.


    Access to the courtyard was possibly the most interesting challenge. By driving his Bobcat carefully through the hallways of Lincoln Avenue, Mr. Scoleri completed a phenomenal job! Lincoln Avenue community is grateful to Mr. Scoleri and Marlin Pools for this enormous service which began the process.


    Please note: Further developments of the Lincoln Avenue Courtyard Renovation will be posted regularly.

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