Waltzing in Character at Cherry Avenue

  • Waltzing in Character

    with Miss Anderson’s Second Grade


    Miss Jeanette Anderson could attest that her Second-grade students in Cherry Avenue are real characters, or at least they appeared in character for a special class activity.


    As part of the Language Arts curriculum on researching, writing, and public speaking, the students were required to choose a character from a “just right book” to study. “Each student completed a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting themselves to their favorite character,” Miss Anderson explained. “They were also asked to describe in detail their book character’s appearance, actions, and feelings.”


    After a while, the students could be heard quoting such fictional personalities as Harry Potter, Olivia, Greg from Diary of A Would-be Kid, Nate the Great, Annikan from Star Wars, Little Red Riding Hood, Henry and Mudge, Strega Nona, Cowgirl Kate, Fiola Swamp from Miss Nelson is Back, Batman, Amelia Bedelia, Jack from the Magic Treehouse Series, Fancy Nancy, and Miss Daisy from Miss Daisy is Crazy.


    Recalling a similar school activity when she was a child, Miss Anderson scheduled an additional feature to this assignment—a Storybook Character Fairy Tale Ball, with invitations to the parents—at which the students, dressed as their characters, would showcase all they had learned.


    To ensure its success, however, Miss Anderson conferred with Music teacher Mrs. Kristi Woerner on some important details, such as learning the waltz! The students practiced for a week and one-half with the “amazing” Mrs. Woerner just in time for the fancy Fairy Tale Ball.


    What a splendid afternoon it was! After all the students, masquerading in character, read aloud the descriptions and comparisons they had researched, the music began. As the cast of Storybook Characters bowed and waltzed under the direction of Mrs. Woerner, to the music provided by accompanist student teacher Mr. Levine on the piano, the invited guests were entirely charmed. Sighs of oohs and aahs were followed by genteel applause.


    To cap the event, each character presented a flower to his or her special guest, bowed, and asked. “May I have this dance?” The whole affair ended as parents waltzed with a distinctive character on a lovely and cultured afternoon.

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