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    The KidSwim Water Safety Initiative


    Sayville Kindergarten students couldn’t stop giggling at Gus and Goldie. The live puppet show, which opened the KidSwim Long Island Water Safety presentation at each elementary school, starred two entertaining fish who demonstrated pool-safety rules.


    When Gus appears poolside wearing earphones and drinking from a glass soda bottle, Goldie warns him of such dangers.  During the show, Gus and Goldie help each other by discussing other safety tips, such as keeping the pool gate closed, having responsible adults present while swimming, not diving in shallow areas, and keeping a phone nearby to call in case of an emergency.  When asked, “What number do you call in an emergency?”, all the Sayville Kindergarten students shouted the correct answer in unison “911!”


    The puppet show was followed by a video of the “Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim,” based upon a book that reinforced Gus and Goldie’s lessons. The story of how a young duck learns proper behavior around a pool includes an irresistible song (to the tune of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star) that lists the most important pool safety rules.  The children in the audience quickly took up the lyrics and were singing the safety song with enthusiasm even before the video ended.


    As a memento of their visit, KidSwim Long Island representatives distributed a packet to each child that contained a copy of the “Stewie the Duck Learns to Swim” book and cd, as well as a coloring book. The children could be heard leaving the presentation singing…don’t jump in ‘til you learn to swim…cover your chest with a safe life vest…—the very results for which KidSwim Long Island was hoping.


    Sponsored by Long Island Pool & Spa Association, Inc., KidSwim Long Island is an elementary educational program to advise school children and their parents about water safety. It is a proactive response to end the needless childhood drowning in pools. KidSwim has been launched by the companies--comprised of parents and grandparents who care--that do their best to install pools with all the safety mechanisms in place. Educating pool users on how to maximize those safeties is what the KidSwim Long Island hopes to accomplish by reaching out to children and their parents.


    For more information about KidSwim Long Island, contact Kyle Chaikin, Long Island Pool & Spa Association, Inc., 631 293-9064

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