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Spring Breakfast of Champions Honors Students

  • For a second time this year, Sayville High School held its Breakfast of Champions to recognize nineteen students who were nominated by staff members for demonstrating exemplary character in citizenship, compassion, determination, leadership, or personal integrity. Some students have even achieved their personal best despite major obstacles. This honor looks beyond the classroom or athletic field and focuses on the person who has routinely made the Sayville High School community a better place.


    Organized by Assistant Principal Ronald Hoffer and Administrative Intern Amy Walsh, assisted by the talents of the Art and Technology Departments, and supported by the High School Administrators, faculty, and staff, the Breakfast of Champions has maintained a marvelous tradition served over an enjoyable morning meal prepared by 21 Main, Sayville. Breakfast of Champion certificates and plaques that display portraits of each recipient over a Wheaties Box Background are awarded to each student as a memento. Their positive qualities as observed by the High School faculty and staff make a difference at Sayville High School.  


    Congratulations to the following students:


    Ashley Agnitti                  Nominated by Mrs. Dalpiaz

                                              “She has always been a warm and helping presence in the room.  Her willingness to lend a helping hand to anyone in need, including myself, is a characteristic to be celebrated.  Thanks Ash!”


    Patrick Andrews               Nominated by Mr. Bernstein

                                              “He is hard working, highly motivated, talented, well rounded, helps his peers, and is an excellent student.”


    Anthony Argentina           Nominated by Mrs. Dreyer and Mrs. Stoll-DePompeo

                                              “Anthony is an unbelievably polite student with a friendly disposition.  In addition to being a leader among his classmates, he is an extremely conscientious student.  He is a perfect candidate for this award.”


    Kelly Byerley                   Nominated by Mr. Schmieder

                                              “Kelly came to Sayville last year.  She offered her services to our Key Club, and I was impressed by her gregariousness and confidence.  Kelly was a find.  Kelly is the embodiment of the Key Club vision.”


    Zachary Connors              Nominated by Mrs. Trentowski          

                                              “Zach is a compassionate young man who works very hard in class.  I am proud of Zach’s accomplishments and his eagerness to succeed.”


    Daniel Fiore                     Nominated by Mrs. Licari and Mr. Cross

                                              “Dan has been most helpful in Computer Graphics.  He acts as a role model for the rest of the class.  He is a one of a kind gentleman.  We feel he deserves to be recognized for being so helpful to others.”


    Melissa Furci                   Nominated by Mr. Bernstein

                                              “She is extremely polite, self-motivated, and a great team member.  She is respected and admired by tennis teams and coaches throughout Suffolk County.”


    Karl Hart                          Nominated by Mrs. Bernstein

                                              “Karl is a quiet, unassuming and conscientious student.  He is socially aware and responsible.  My guess is that he has the ability to help save the world, so Breakfast of Champions is the least we can do for him.”


    Kate Hepding                   Nominated by Mrs. Dudick

                                              “Kate is a respectful young lady who is willing to give 200% of her time, energy, and self to her studies and school.  Her grades are outstanding and she always has a smile.”


     Kaitlyn Ibanez                  Nominated by Mrs. Hart

                                              “Kaitlyn is mature, responsible, considerate, and kind.  I feel honored to know her.”


    Kegan Johnston               Nominated by Mrs. Zafonte

                                              “Kegan is an absolute pleasure and a model student.  His constant dedication and perseverance astounds me.  He truly is a model to be followed.”


    Kate Krsnak                    Nominated by Mrs. Adler

                                              “Kate is a conscientious student.  She is a quiet leader.  She is growing into a kind citizen and an insightful young woman.”


    Terence Macken             Nominated by Mr. Delargy

                                              “He is a quality leader who always puts the goals of the team first.”


    Matthew Martinez           Nominated by Mrs. Hart and Mr. Pace

                                              “A young man with exemplary qualities.  He is bright, hard-working, creative and kind.  We cannot think of a more positive role model for our students than Matt.  He is here because he is just the sweetest and gentlest soul you could ever meet.”


    Jonathan Melendez         Nominated by Mr. Shaw

                                              “Jon comes into my class every day with an extraordinary attitude.  His attitude and actions provide an excellent role model for other students in his class.  I am reminded when I see this young man every day of the miracle of his resilience.”


    Giovanna Ruggiero          Nominated by Mr. Kramer

                                              “Giovanna truly exemplifies what it means to be a leader.  She is helpful to others and shows maturity through her playing and actions.  Her preparation and punctuality for all tasks is a breath of fresh air.”


    Julia Sergison                   Nominated by Ms. Williams

                                              “Julia is a motivated, responsible student with a great zeal for Spanish.  With her skills and dedication, Julia is one of Sayville’s finest students.”


    Elizabeth Vita                   Nominated by Mr. Schmieder

                                              “Liz is an excellent student who is attentive and disciplined.  She works for a number of service organizations both within and beyond the school walls.  She is extraordinarily quiet which certainly seems like modesty on her part.”


    Roxanne York                  Nominated by Mr. Buderman

                                              “Words can not express how talented she really is.  Roxy is among the finest vocalists in the history of our celebrated Music Department.  She is a superb talent in every facet of the theater and a name that will shine on Broadway in the future. She is simply….incredible.