Middle School Moving Up

  • Music by the 7th Grade Orchestra cued the Eighth-grade Moving-Up processional to file into the David M. Jones Auditorium. After Anna Corso sang the National Anthem, the Jazz Band played The Final Countdown, and the Select Chorus performed Stand By Me, Principal Dr. Schartner greeted the assembly. He reflected on the students’ birth year of 1995, “rechristened” them the Class of 2013, and offered statistics (see below) on their accomplishments.


    “The High School has limitless opportunities,” Dr. Schartner observed. “What you do next in High School will be on a permanent record—kept forever—but you will be building a resume for your next step, either college, career or whatever steps you take to become a productive citizen.”


    Noting on how quickly fourteen years have flown, Dr. Schartner reminded the parents that the next four years will go even faster. He recommended they stay involved and keep an open dialogue with their children.


    Finally, Dr. Schartner urged the students to make themselves and their parents proud, asked them to stand and face their parents, and parted with the final words, “Congratulations, Good Luck!” which were drowned out by applause and cheers. Immediately following the ceremony, the students attended their Eighth-grade dance.



    • 109 students received the Presidential Academic Award

    • 76 Eighth graders were NJHS members, having a 95 average or better for 4 consecutive quarters

    • Fifty students have received nearly 4 HS credits before their Freshman year.

    • There were many award-winning Artists

    • There were many award-winning Musicians

    • Over 20 were High School Athletes

    • Eighteen students received Presidential Service awards for 50-74 hrs of service

    • With combined Math and Verbal scores of 1250, 1170, and 1100 on the SATs, three students received recognition from the Johns Hopkins Talented Youth Search.




    ENGLISH • Katherine Farrell

    SOCIAL STUDIES • Curran boyce

    MATHEMATICS 8 • John Haggart

    Algebra • Curran Boyce

    LIFE SCIENCE • Angelica Hernandez

    LIVING ENVIRONMENT • Rebecca Mmonastero

    TECHNOLOGY • Charles Verbeck


    CONSUMER & FAMILY SCIENCE • Amanda Bonkoski

    PHYSICAL EDUCATION (BOYS) • Zachary Sirico


    BAND • Kieran Harrison

    ORCHESTRA • Craig Davidson

    CHORUS • Shannon Lynch

    ART • Lorelei Olk

    SPANISH • Erica Ferer

    FRENCH • Denise Natoli


    NYS Comptroller’s Award Lucy DeStefano-Pearce

    Triple C Award Lucy DeStefano-Pearce




    The 8th Grade 2008-2009 Presidential Awards (Students who maintained a 90+ average for 11 marking periods)
    Erin Abraham

    Samantha Bishop

    Amanda Bonkoski

    Thomas Bonney

    Curran Boyce

    Kiona Bustamante

    Anthony Cappellino

    Harrison Cassetta

    Kelly Cavanagh

    Jacqueline Christensen

    Jacqueline Coffey

    Michelle Coffey

    Olivia Coley-Bishop

    Anna Corso

    Amy Dean

    Caroline DeLuca

    Lucy DeStefano-Pearce

    Melanie Ann Drinkwater

    Daniel Dufrenoy

    Stefanie Ebo

    Daniel Esposito

    Katherine Farrell

    Brittnee Fatigate

    Kaytie Ferremi

    Emily Fox

    James Giattino

    Christopher Greco

    Melina Guida

    Pamela Haas

    Faith Haller

    Peter Hayes

    Jennifer Henck

    Emma Henderson



    Madison Hoon

    Tara Imbrenda

    Matthew Iovino

    Samantha Jarvis

    Jacqueline Johnson

    Kerry Keenan

    Elizabeth Koehler

    Rebecca Laterza

    Kelly Leach

    Casey Lodol

    Janine Loesch

    Claire Luceri

    Jayme Lyons

    Sam Massenkeil

    Kailey Mauro

    Robert McCauley

    Kelly McElroy

    Taylor Mills

    Gianna Minogue

    Thomas Monahan

    Rebecca Monastero

    George Mullowney

    Connor Mulry

    Kaitlyn  Mulry

    Meagan Mulry

    Kyle Murray

    Valerie Murray

    Jordyn Nadler

    Denise Natoli

    Conor Nordland

    Brian Novak Jr

    Timothy O'Leary

    Krista O'Malley

    Connor O'Neill

    Lorelei Olk

    Katie Oskey

    Caroline Pace

    Gina Palumbo

    Sara Philbin

    Jessica Poretta

    Danielle Post

    Meaghan Reilly

    Sean Reutter

    Deborah Rico

    John Riess

    Alexandria Roppelt

    Sara Rossi

    Jacqueline Ryder

    Nicole Sala

    Christa Saracino

    Alexandra Savini

    Christian Savini

    Meaghan Scheck

    Samantha Schenkel

    Dylan Schreiber

    Emily Sellitti

    Eliot Simon

    Hillary Slavik

    Steven Smith

    Matthew Spina

    Nicholas Stallone

    Matthew Stephan

    Maria Stuven

    Michael Sugarman

    Courtney Takats

    Ronald Theofield

    Meagan Tomasso

    Katherine VanDorn

    Travis Villez

    Lucas Volle

    Rachael Wachter

    Patrick Waters

    John Weisheit

    Marissa Whitby

    Abigail Winiecki