Cherry Ave Moving Up

  • Cherry Avenue's Moving-Up was held on June 23 at 1pm


    Cherry Avenue Fifth-grade Moving Up included speeches, awards, a slide show, and a musical performance of Another Step Up, directed by music teacher Kristi Woerner.

    During his address, Principal John Stimmel explained why he felt sentimental about this class: they began as Kindergarteners when he started as Principal. For his closing comments, Mr. Stimmel enlisted the help of some Fifth-graders to hold props (right). This year’s addition to the lantern, megaphone, telescope, Meet the Robinsons poster, and clock, Mr. Stimmel added Book Ends, marked K and 5, to commemorate their six years together at Cherry Avenue. Allowing that their “time at Cherry is done,” he proudly admitted it was “time for a new school” and “time for new challenges,” and thanked them for their time together.


    Presidential Academic Fitness Award


    Nicole Bevilacqua

    Emily Hollmann

    Emily Perun

    Travis Brown

    Victoria Keghlian

    Maggie Roath

    James Daly

    Ryan Luciano

    Michael Rolland

    Anna Harris

    James McKeon

    Jack Saracino

    Mackenzie Hart

    Daniel Martucci

    Daria Zeman

    Logan Henke

    Matthew Oskey


    Nicholas Benedetto

    Haley Kroll

    Angelina Perrone

    Emily Carmelitano

    Charles Lipari

    Bridget Pitre

    Jakob Diehl    

    Jamie Meere   

    Mikhaila Seibert

    Raven Dushnick         

    Eileen Monahan         

    Nicholas Villez    

    Julia Howland

    Jaclyn Parcelluzzi       


    Presidential Physical Fitness Award

    Michael Nadeau

    Ryan Close

    Victoria Keghlian

    Mikhaila Seibert

    Julia Howland


    Comptroller Award: Michael N.

    Triple C: Jack N. and Daniel S.

    County Executive Steve Levy Public Service Award: Mackenzie H.

    Suffolk Zone Winners: Jaclyn P., Victoria K., Ryan L.

    Kemper Award:  Raven D. and Meghan O. with Mr. Kemper