Sunrise Moving Up

  • Sunrise Drive's  Moving-Up was held on June 25 at 9:30 am

    At Sunrise Drive’s Moving-Up ceremony, Principal Rose Castello praised the Fifth-graders for their accomplishments that have prepared them for the future. She especially expressed her pride in their generous community service efforts that included book collections, clothing drives, and 980 pounds of canned goods, and urged them to continue making a difference.


    After each teacher announced the names of the students who were moving up and awards were distributed, the students performed various songs, which included a humorous paraphrased version of Penny Lane that recapped their elementary education.


    During a special part of the ceremony, the retiring Miss Joanne Hamilton was honored for her 37 extraordinary years of service to Sayville students.



    Presidential Academic Fitness Award (Gold)

    Angelica Albanese

    Jared Bergen

    Jillian Brudi

    Nicole Farese

    Caitlin Flanagan

    Madison Gallagher

    Shaina Garrett

    Lara Beth Hirsch

    Daniel Lumley

    Kylie McCoy

    Sean McNally

    Kimberly Monitto

    Shane O'Donoghue

    Joseph O'Leary

    Christopher Palmeri

    Alexandra Severin

    Gabrielle Stallone

    George VanDorn


    Liam Bailey

    Robert Broome

    Nicholas Burkel

    Ryan Butler

    Alexander Cappellino

    Kevin Esposito

    Brendan Gregory

    Meghan Kelly

    Rowen Mahoney

    Melanie McNeill

    Samantha Robinson

    Luke Solak

    Joseph Tristano

    Presidential Physical Fitness Award Winners

    Nicole Farese

    Kyle Matson

    JD Verbeck

    Joe Tristano

    Jillian Brudi

    Liam Bailey

    Melanie McNeill

    Maddie Gallagher

    Alex Annarumma

    Meghan Ali

    Zachary Schulz

    Jay Burghardt

    Shane O'Donoghue

    Richie Ward

    Kylie McCoy

    Kevin Smith

    Kimmy Monitto

    Caitlin Flanagan

    County Executive Steve Levy Public Service Award: Shane O.

    Comptroller Award: Daniel L.

    Triple C Winners: Jared B., Jillian B.