Musical Inspiration En Masse

  • Musical Inspiration En Masse 

    June 3, 2008


    Emotionally moving and inspiring music imbued the High School Auditorium with an extraordinary presentation of The Mass of the Children by Composer John Rutter. While no words can adequately describe the superb musicality of this masterwork by the “world’s greatest living composer and conductor of choral music,” the combined talents of Sayville’s High School Chorale, Symphonic Orchestra, and the Middle School Sixth Grade Chorus gave an unforgettable performance before a full house.


    After two preludes given by the amazing High School Brass Ensemble and Woodwind Quintet (Mr. Peter DeSalvo, Conductor), the Spring Concert continued with its Chorale Concert Program, under the direction of Jeffrey Hoffman, Conductor.  Prior to the performance, Mr. Hoffman praised the members of the Chorale, Orchestra, Music Department Staff, and Sixth Grade Chorus who “have taken such ownership and love of this emotional and beautiful work. Never in my teaching history have I seen students open up and dedicate themselves to a piece of music.”


    In the program notes, Mr. Hoffman also provided a brief history of the musical genre and some biographical context about the composer: John Rutter, devastated by the death of his young son, lost the inspiration to write music for over two years. Subsequently, when he wrote The Mass of the Children, critics believe, it was both a tribute to his son and restorative to his soul and genius.


    The awe-inspiring music hushed the Sayville audience until the final rest. The moment Mr. Hoffman blew a kiss of gratitude to his performers, the audience exploded in applause and cheers and rose to a standing ovation that persisted even after the outstanding musicians withdrew from the auditorium.


    Click on the links below to hear some of the sensational pieces that were performed that evening.



    Mass of the Children  Soloists:

    Movement # 1 Kyrie Alexis Minogue (Soprano Solo), Joseph Hailey (Baritone Solo)

    Movement # 2 Gloria  Roxy York (Soprano Solo), Harrison Schenkel (Baritone Solo)

    Movement #3 Sanctus & Benedictus Dayna Montalto (Soprano Solo), Thomas Mittiga (Baritone Solo)

    Movement # 4 Agnus Dei

    Movement # 6 Finale : (Dona Nobis Pacem) Angharad Rebholz (Soprano Solo), Joseph Hailey (Baritone Solo)

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