May On-Acts Celebrate 30 Years

  • For Thirty Years: One-Act Plays

    Still An Annual Treat

    The Sayville High School's Sayville Players presented their 30th annual presentation of student-directed one-act plays. 


    This year's roster included such plays as

    • Julianne Homokay's absurd satire "Wedding Story" directed by senior Joe Hailey,
    • an adaptation of the movie Four Rooms entitled "The Misbehavers" directed by senior Leonid Levchenko,
    • an original play "A Day with Lou and Andy" directed by seniors Casey Grant and Brendan Phelps (and also written by Brendan Phelps),
    • "The Worker" directed by senior Jenna Hanshe, and
    • two Saturday Night Live skits directed by senior Sarah Bartlett. 


    Other short plays presented to showcase the talents of Sayville’s underclass Thespians included:

    • Monty Python's "Where Movies Come From",
    • Alex Broun's social commentary "10,000 Cigarettes", and
    • Garry Michael Kruger's comic short "Once Upon a Time in the Faculty Room…."


    Performances were poignant or comic –some both—but definitely enjoyable overall! Bravo, bravo, especially to the Sayville Players Seniors who made their directorial debuts and the thespians who followed directions.