Spring 2008 Breakfast of Champions

  • The Spring 2008 Breakfast Of Champions once again honored Sayville High School students, who were nominated by faculty and staff, because they demonstrated exemplary character and conduct worthy of recognition and praise.  A sumptious breakfast provided by 21 Main rounded off the morning ceremony.

    Congratulations to the following who were : 





    Kelly DeKenipp                  Nominated by Mrs. Dalpiaz

                                              “I recommend Kelly DeKenipp to the “Breakfast of Champions” for her outgoing and giving personality.  She lights up the room with her smile, her warmth and her generosity of spirit.”


    Ryane Doolin                      Nominated by Mrs. Gray

                                              “This sweet young lady is always on task, always responsible and diligent.  She is a pleasure to teach.  I appreciate her strong participation daily.  Gracias and congratulations.”


    Caitlin Duffy                        Nominated by Mr. Hammer

                                                 “For the past four years, she has been a truly wonderful student.  Each day she brings a winning attitude, a creative spirit, and best of all, a smile.”


    Michelle Fountain               Nominated by Mr. Delargy

                                                 “She is a dedicated athlete whose desire has led her to be named an All American swimmer.”


    Jennifer Gozaloff                Nominated by Mrs. Bernstein

                                                 “Jennifer excels on many levels.  She is an incredible student, an outrageously talented artist, but more importantly, an outstanding human being.  She is a joy!”


    Meredith Gudesblatt          Nominated by Mr. Recker and Mrs. Bernstein

                                                 “Meredith is compassionate, funny, scholarly, athletic, inquisitive, sensitive and perfect.  She makes me happy everyday.  I can honestly say that I have never heard anyone speak ill of Meredith and just as important, I have never heard her speak ill of others.”


    Alexander Korpi                 Nominated by Mr. Vogel and Mr. Coon

                                                 “We have watched this young man develop both academically and personally into a mature individual who has taken a leadership role in the robotics club.”


    Jaclyn Kuri                          Nominated by Mrs. Dudick

                                                 “She is a hardworking young woman who never falters.  Jackie is always willing to help out her peers and her teachers at a moments notice, without hesitation.  Not only is Jackie a well rounded student, but she is also honest and has a strong moral character.”




    Kristie Lankowicz               Nominated by Mr. Bernstein

                                                 “Kristie is a very talented, self motivated young lady.  She is a strong leader with a great sense of humor.  She is eager to learn and a wonderful role model for her peers.”


    Emma Levy                         Nominated by Ms. Patin and Mr. Hoffer

                                                 “Emma’s commitment to our high school is admirable.  She has proven to be an integral member of our Site Based Team for the last four years and her service is greatly appreciated.”


    Brittany Mayrose               Nominated by Mrs. Hart

                                                 “Brittany is insightful, mature, compassionate and always positive.  She will be successful in all her future endeavors.  I will miss her greatly.”


    William McGarvey             Nominated by Mrs. Licari

                                                 “Billy is what I call an unsung hero.  He is kind, thoughtful and everybody loves him.  He serves in his church and is the kind of young man everybody wishes they had for a son.  If anyone is deserving of this award, Billy tops my list.”


    Michael Murphy                 Nominated by Mr. Delargy

    “An absolute pleasure whose excellence has led him to a county title in diving.  You would be proud to have him as your own.”


    Martin Petrella                   Nominated by Mr. Bernstein

    “Martin has a special sense of humor.  He is a hard worker and always volunteers to help.  He is respected by the entire Music Department.”


    Catherine Rico                    Nominated by Mr. Nani

    “In class, Cathy is an involved, dedicated student.  Outside of the classroom, Cathy volunteers her time to help out struggling students through a weekly tutoring session.  Cathy helps purely out of the desire to see her classmates succeed.”


    Amanda Rizzo                     Nominated by Ms. Dashiell

                                                 “She is bright and capable, yet modest and hardworking.”


    Vincent Russo                     Nominated by Mr. Surrusco

                                                 “Hard working, respectful, courteous, and very mature.  He is soft spoken and an excellent role model to all students.  Without a doubt, he is a quality individual.”


    Craig Sammartano              Nominated by Mrs. Licari

                                                 “Craig is conscientious, always to class on time, and asks for additional work.  Craig came to us an immature kid but has nicely matured into a fine young man.”


    Erika Schreiber                   Nominated by Mrs. Brown

                                                 “Erika is an exceptionally bright and polite young lady.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have crossed paths with a student who has many talents, is a dependable and sincere friend to her peers, and is an all around genuine person - a rare find these days.”



    Kevin Sherry                       Nominated by Mrs. Lang-Shapiro

                                                 “Kevin is deserving of this nomination for several reasons including his exuberant attitude, his collegiality with other students, and most importantly the enthusiasm and eagerness which he brings to every area of his life.  Whether academic, artistic or recreational, Kevin shows true passion and an excellent work ethic for all he endeavors.”



    Kimberly Snedecor             Nominated by Mrs. Bachisin

                                                 “In Kim’s eyes, good is not good enough; only her best is acceptable.  She is without a doubt an outstanding role model in my class.  She is the kind of student every teacher dreams of having in class.”


    John Spaun                          Nominated by Mr. Carbocci

                                                 “John has shown great leadership taking on projects in order to help in the learning process of his fellow classmates.  John has also gone out of his way to assist the other students with their activities.”


    Kenneth Stein                     Nominated by Mr. Delargy and Mr. Kropp

                                                 “A great leader who has an incredible work ethic as witnessed by his county title in swimming.  You would be proud to have him as your own.”


    Ashley Tomkalski               Nominated by Mrs. Karan

                                                 “Tenacity and an enduring optimistic spirit in the face of adversity are qualities I feel a true champion should possess. 

                                                 It doesn’t take long when getting to know Ashley to realize you are in the company of a true champion.”


Spring 2008 Recipients of the Breakfast of Champions

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