Schools Open with 20/20 Vision - on the New Academic Year

  • Sayville Schools Reopens

    With 20/20 Vision


    Most Sayville students returning to the classroom were excited and a bit curious about going back. Well they should be. Sayville School District has been reenergized by technology that not only will meet the students’ academic needs, but will also keep the district moving forward into the 21st Century.


    Tying in this year’s theme of 20/20 Vision with the incoming Kindergarten class—who are the graduating class of 2020—Superintendent Dr. Rosemary Jones outlined the District’s plans. During her welcome back address to the teaching staff, Dr. Jones announced the current initiatives:


    * Interactive whiteboards are being phased into the classrooms. (This technological tool interfaces with the computer and overhead projector and allows for stimulating lessons.)

    * Already, 58 Sayville teachers have received training. As more boards are phased in throughout this year and over the next few years, more teachers will be trained. The long-term plan is to have whiteboards in every classroom.

    * We have new teacher workstations in every elementary and middle school classroom. When these are combined with the overheard projectors, our classrooms are ready to infuse technology in the most effective ways.

    * We are implementing Infinite Campus, a new student-management system.

    * We know our facilities must be constantly updated. Towards that end, the District will put forth a bond referendum that, if approved, will add a wellness center at the high school along with a remodeled cafeteria that will better meet the nutritional, as well as the social needs, of our students. The Middle School will have an improved gym with state-of-the-art cardio equipment, along with much needed irrigation for the athletic fields. The elementary schools will see additional small instructional spaces and new learning/media centers.

    * Several generators are also on the list so that Sayville will be ready for an emergency and will provide a sheltering place when needed. 

     “These are just some of the initiatives,” Dr. Jones said, “that are being undertaken to keep our district moving from good to great.”

    Predicting the future needs of the Class of 2020 begins with putting the present vision into a 20/20 focus. With the foresight of our Sayville Administrators, the willingness of our teachers and staff, and the support of our Board of Education and community, Sayville School District is indeed ready.