• Homecoming Spirit

    Undampened by Rain


    All through Spirit Week, the High School classes showed their enthusiasm and garnered points in anticipation of the last showdown—the Homecoming parade and skits. Despite the weather predictions of 100 percent showers (which arrived exactly at parade time), class floats prevailed and sailed through Main Street Sayville in one of the quickest parades in recent memory.


    With this year’s theme of “holidays,” imaginative floats were decorated for Christmas (Freshmen), Mardi Gras (Sophomores), New Year’s Eve (Juniors), and Halloween (Seniors), serving as backdrops to skits performed on the rain-drenched football field before the game and during halftime. (see photos below.)


    In the Freshman skit, Grinch-like Seniors attempted to steal Christmas spirit, but the buoyant Freshmen restored the joy of the season with a dance finale that had Santa chuckling.


    Sophomores showcased Regis and Kelly officiating at a colorful Mardi Gras Parade. Members of the Dance Club closed their skit with an amazing routine of flips and leaps.  


    Did Al Gore sabotage New Years Eve in Times Square by stealing the high wattage New Year’s Eve Ball? In the Junior’s skit, replete with leaping dancers and partygoers, this inventive mystery cleared Global-Warming Al of any wrongdoing, recovered the stolen Ball from attention-getting Paris Hilton, and restore the festivities just in time for the countdown.


    In homage to the Halloween horror genre, Senior zombies overpowered the entire student body with their ghoulish class spirit, concluding their skit with a fiendishly thrilling dance number.


    After the judges rendered their decisions about the Homecoming skits, the results landed the Seniors in first place, followed by the Sophomores, Freshmen, and the Juniors. Special congratulations go to all the students and class advisors who persevered. Despite the storm clouds, Sayville Homecoming had a silver liningthe Golden Flashes won 28:0 against Hauppauge.