Whiteboards to the Rescue

  • White Boards to the Rescue

    In Mrs. Duggan’s Fifth Grade Class at Cherry Avenue


    It was the end of a September school day, with the Cherry Avenue students busy working on activities, when the sky grew usually dark. Moments later, a few rumbles of thunder were heard, and the lights flickered. “A level of nervousness crossed the rooms,” explained Mrs. Duggan, “as the children anticipated walking home in the rain, now pouring outside their windows.”


    To alleviate the tension, Mrs. Duggan presented her students with a teachable moment. Accessing the Weather Channel website on their new interactive whiteboard (IWB) in their classroom, Mrs. Duggan and her students were able to watch the current weather radar over the Sayville area and see that the thunderstorm would be over shortly—most likely before their dismissal. Relieved, her class went on to discuss scientific topics related to weather.


    “This is just one example,” Mrs. Duggan concluded, “of the many ways new technology is being used to enhance instruction in the classrooms at Sayville Schools!”