Pumpkin counters at Cherry

  • Pumpkin Counters at Cherry


    A team effort between Mrs. Kearney’s First-grade and Mrs. Duggan’s Fifth-grade had students using math and science skills to explore the inner world of pumpkins!


    Mrs. Kearney showed her students three different sized pumpkins and initially asked them to predict the pumpkins’ weights and heights. In addition to traditional methods, the students used paper clips, cubes, blocks, and string to measure the pumpkin’s actual width and height. They also tested to see if the pumpkins could float. While sizing up the pumpkins, the students also had to estimate the seed count of each.


    After recording their estimates and assisted by the experienced Fifth-graders, the students needed to collect real data and compare it to their guesses. To gather the seeds for counting, Mrs. Kearney cut open the pumpkin tops and had the students scoop out the sloppy contents—an activity that evoked squeals of delight from many. They were amazed to learn that the size of the pumpkin did not affect the amount of seeds. After discovering whether their predictions were close to the actual number, the students were assigned one last task—to design a silly or spooky face for their pumpkin. Not to let the seeds go to waste, many students took the seeds home to plant or share with their families.


    By the end of the exciting project, it was hard to tell the difference between the grinning pumpkins and smiling students—everyone looked so proud and happy.


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