Do You Know A Veteran? - Take A Star!

  • Do You Know a Veteran?

    Take a Star!


    To honor all our U.S. Veterans, Third grade teacher Ms. Geraldine Batterberry invited her students and the entire Cherry Avenue community to create a star for each Veteran they knew. “We are looking,” the letter to the parents stated, “for anyone in your family (grandparents, parents, cousins, siblings, aunts or uncles, whomever you wish to include) who has served or may currently be serving in any branch of the U.S. Military.” Every star, with information about those who served to protect our freedom by defending our country, would be exhibited in the front entrance lobby of the school for all to examine and appreciate.


    The project began as a schoolwide appeal to the faculty and staff as well as the students. Everyone pitched in wherever they could. Art teacher Mr. John Vershure cut up all the white paper; Mrs. Joan Jones punched out all the white stars; Cherry Avenue Head Custodian Mr. Bob hung the American Flag among the stars that Mrs. Holler and Mrs. Teufel helped display. That simple question “How many stars do you need” led to such an enormous response that Ms. Batterberry was overwhelmed with gratitude. “I can’t believe the number of stars that have been returned to the school—there must be at least a thousand on display. It is quite a sight to see!”


    Viewing the constellation of stars was indeed an eye-opener. Thanks to everyone’s special efforts, the scope of our Veterans’ sacrifices can be better understood.

In the Cherry Avenue Lobby, the word thanks was spelled with stars!
Ms. Geraldine Batterberry and her Third Grade class.