Photo Release

  • PHOTO RELEASE- District Policy

    Unless you submit a letter in writing, I may post photos to this website that include your child.  I will wait until after 10/1/10 to start posting any photos. 

    The statement below has been copied from the Sayville Public Schools 2010 - 2011 Calendar & Guide. 

    Release of information about Students to the Public

    Unless an objection to any of the specific items of information following is submitted, before September 30, 2010, by parents or legal guardians, or by those students themselves who are over the age of eighteen years, the Sayville Public School District therewith gives notice of intention to provide, release or publish in local, school or student newspapers, magazines, school web page, yearbooks or other publications, daily or weekly newspapers, athletic programs, musical or theatrical programs, or news releases, any or all of the following information pertaining to students as may be appropriate under the circumstances: name of student, names of parents, address, age, height, weight, grade, major field of study, photographs, student participation in recognized school activities, extracurricular activities and sports programs, academic honors, achievements, awards, scholarships and similar information. 

    In addition, the School District intends to display, post, and show videotape of students at school functions and/or activities for use with classroom instruction. Under Title 45, U.S. Code, Part 99, Privacy Rights of Parents and Students, parents who do not desire release of any of the above directory information during the 2010-2011 school year must make specific requests in writing to the Sayville Public School District, 99 Greeley Avenue. Failure to make such a request shall be deemed consent.  The Sayville Public Schools are in compliance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.