Participation Requirements

  • Participation Requirements:


    For your child’s safety, we require the following:

    1. Loose fitting clothes (Ladies, please no skirts).
    2. Proper athletic sneakers with non-marking soles.
    3. Sneakers should cover the entire foot.
    4. Sneakers should have proper closures.  (For example: Velcro, zipper, laces or elastic bands atop the tongue of the sneaker.) This ensures that the sneaker will not come off during play.

    Some examples of inappropriate footwear are:

    •  Dress shoes with a rubber sole (Mary Jane style)
    • Heelys
    • Snow boots
    • Work boots
    • Hiking boots
    • Platforms
    • Sandals or Crocs

     If a child comes in without sneakers or the proper sneakers, they are unprepared and will NOT be permitted to participate. (This is for their safety.)

    Repetitive unprepared days will affect the child’s grade on their report card.


    We encourage our students to bring a water bottle to class in order to keep them hydrated while inside and out.  Water is the only acceptable liquid and it must be in a rubber or plastic bottle.  No glass will be allowed into the gymnasium.