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    The Walking Club is a program students can participate in during their recess period. Students walk on a designated track several times a week. Walking Club Cards (white cards) are checked every time a child completes a lap. When recess ends, students return their cards to their class folder. For each five miles walked, the child is rewarded with a number charm (brightly colored 5 charm for 5 miles, 10 charm for 10 miles, etc)) to put on a chain. (Chains will be provided with the first charm awarded.)

    Purpose: The Walking Club gives students alternative activities for recess thereby reducing playground problems, increases kids’ learning readiness and fights obesity. Walking is a fantastic lifelong fitness activity.

    Instructions For Entering Your Miles From Home:

    Go to www.peclogit.org

    In the top left corner of the screen there is a red box that says username and password.

    Your username is: last name and your first intial. (No space in between) Some students may have a different username, (last name, first name) check with your classroom teacher.

    Your Password is: 123

    After you successfully log in, the top left of the screen will have a welcome message. You will see your teachers name and grade.

    To enter your miles:  In the center of the screen there will be a gray box.  Type the number of miles you have completed.  The "steps" circle will be highlighted, make sure that you check off the circle in front of miles.

    Click on submit.  You will see your totals at the bottom of the screen if you have entered the information correctly.

    * 4 laps around the track in the field at school = 1mile

    REMEMBER! The most important responsibility as a member of the walking is being honest!  It is your responsibility to enter your miles truthfully.


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