Resilience Builder Awarded at Lincoln Ave

  • “Resilience Builder” at Lincoln Avenue Elementary School Wins Award



    Lincoln Avenue Fourth-grade Teacher Joseph Dragotta has been recognized by the National Association of School Psychologists as an exceptional “resilience builder”.


    While resiliency is essential to success, for students who face greater than normal challenges, it is crucial in helping them endure and overcome those hurtles which hinder success.


    Mr. Dragotta has been enabling his students by cultivating their abilities to deal with life’s challenges and to adapt to new or difficult circumstances in a positive, productive manner, which is critical to school success. His efforts have followed the suggested guidelines form the National Association of School Psychologists which contribute to resilience in children. 


    Because Mr. Dragotta has:

    -         Fostered positive relationships,

    -         Developed connectedness to school,

    -         Developed academic self-determination,

    -         Developed behavioral self-control,

    he was selected as “Resilience Builder” recipient.


    Sayville School District along with Lincoln Avenue Elementary School congratulates Mr. Joseph Dragotta for being named as “an outstanding promoter of resilience for students.”




    Along with the whole Lincoln Avenue community, Psychologist Kathy Pannello and Social Worker Amy Buckely congratulate Fourth-grade Teacher Joe Dragotta on his award.


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