Cherry Cultural Arts Creates Collaboration

  • At Cherry, Artists Collaborate


    The Cherry Avenue Cultural Arts Committee wanted to enhance the already enriching hands-on art program at Cherry by inviting Rachel Katz as an Artist-in Residence to join Art Teacher John Veschure. Mr. John Veschure, whose expertise in ceramics includes teaching ceramics at the high school, has been cleverly teaching the concept of three-dimensional forms to Cherry Students. Developing his students’ skills of problem solving with Art, Mr. Veschure inspires them to resolve in their own unique ways the question "How do I get my idea from my head onto the page or as a piece of art?"


    So, how could the Cultural Arts Committee improve on perfection? By partnering Mr. Veschure with Rachel Katz, a renowned origami artist, to further Mr. Veschure’s goals, that’s how! This rare opportunity for collaboration occurred during December, when Mrs. Katz worked with the students on different origami lessons for each class. She related origami to math and Asian culture and had the students perfecting their folding techniques. Many of the students’ works were beautifully showcased as holiday decorations for the Cherry Avenue tree.